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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawyer Explains Statute of Limitations (or Deadline) in Georgia Personal Injury Cases
Lawyer Explains Statute of Limitations (or Deadline) in Georgia Wrongful Death Cases
Lawyer Explains Trucking Rules and Regulations
Lawyer Explains Accident Reconstruction Experts
Should I Hire a Lawyer?
Lawyer Explains Civil v. Criminal Cases
Time to File a Sexual Assault or Rape Case
How Much is My Case Worth?
What Are The Different Types of Insurance?
How Long Do I Have to File my Sexual Assault or Rape Case?
Can I Report a Sexual Assault or Rape for a Friend or Family Member?
Who Brings a Minors Claim?
Will My Sexual Assault or Rape Case Go to Trial or Can I Settle Out of Court?
What are Discovery Requests?
How Long will my Sexual Assault or Rape Case Take?
When Can I Sue My Landlord?
Pregnancy and Car Wreck FAQs
Can I File a Civil Case if I Didn’t Report the Sexual Assault or Rape?
Who Pays the Settlement or Verdict in a Sexual Assault or Rape Case?
Sexual Assault Cases Civil vs Criminal
Who Pays the Settlement or Verdict in a Wrongful Death Case?
How to Get Medical Care After a Car Crash
Ciminal vs Civil Cases in Wrongful Death Context
What if my Pet or Dog is Hurt or Killed in an Accident?
How Long Does a Wrongful Death Case Take?
Georgia Law On Miscarriges, Stillbirths, and Injuries to Unborn Babies in Car Accidents
Do You Need an Autopsy to File a Wrongful Death Case?
Should I Wear My Seat Belt If I’m Pregnant?
Non Resident Motorist Act
Who in the Family Gets the Money in a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia?
What if I was in a Car Accident While Pregnant?
Criminal vs Civil Cases after Sexual Assault or Rape
Why Won’t the Police Prosecute the Attacker in My Sexual Assault or Rape Case
What is Discovery?
Practice Argument on Motion to Remand
Two Types of Personal Injury Law Firms: Wholesale and Retail
Steps to Success in Personal Injury cases
When to Stop for a School Bus
Seven things you need to know about Vehicle Property Damage
Defendants’ Attempts to Delay Civil Cases with Concurrent Criminal Proceedings
What is my Case Worth?
Who pays a Judgement or Verdict?
Defendants’ Attempts to Delay Wrongful Death Cases while Estate is being Set Up
Rideshare Insurance
When Autopsies are Required Under GA Law
How Do I Win My Case?
Anatomy of a Lawsuit
How Civil and Criminal Cases Work in Tandem (feat. Murdaugh saga)
What Happens at a Deposition?
What Kind of Compensation is Available in Sexual Assault or Rape Case – Therapy Bills
Should I Move My Vehicle After A Wreck?
Best (FREE) Legal Advice
What is Maritime Law?
Compensation Available in a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia
Paying for Medical Bills After a Car Accident
How Many Days after an Accident do you Feel Pain?
What is Comparative Fault?
Does the Passenger in a Car Accident have a Legal Case?
What is a Release?
The Rules of the Road You Need to Know, Pedestrian Edition
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$150 Million Landmark Wrongful Death Verdict

Butler Kahn secured a $150 million jury verdict against Chrysler for the family of a 4-year-old boy who was killed in a devastating crash in Georgia. Our firm held the giant automaker accountable for Remington Walden’s death and for failing to warn the public about dangers associated with its Jeep Grand Cherokee. Learn More