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Mark and Emily - Exhibit 101

No amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a loved one. But having a jury acknowledge the value of a loved one’s life can be vindicating. This case arose from a head-on collision about two weeks before Christmas in 2021. Mark Cohen was on

Sexual Abuse

We handle a lot of hard cases. This one was one of the hardest.   Our client, A.B., was working for a business in Georgia. Her supervisor directed her to clean the restrooms. He followed her into the women’s restroom, cornered her in a stall, pulled down her

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $3,000,000 settlement in a pedestrian accident case. The case was handled principally by Brittany Partridge and Jeb Butler. Here’s more about the case. 1. Facts of the Pedestrian Accident On the morning of April 25, 2022, our client 76-year-old client had a doctor’s

This was an important case about highway safety. Less than two weeks before trial, the case settled for forty million dollars. Guardrail exists along the highway to protect the traveling public. The most important purpose of guardrail is to protect drivers by preventing cars from encountering a hazard

This settlement made a huge difference for a family in need. The lives of Karter Thompson,* her brother and sisters, and her parents were changed forever by a vehicle-on-pedestrian accident. Karter was jogging through a crosswalk on her high school’s campus when a student driver sped past several

hydroelectric dam

Butler Kahn recently obtained a confidential settlement on behalf of the family of a commercial diver whose life was tragically cut short during a routine dive at a hydroelectric dam. Georgia Power, which owned and operated the dam, admitted that it violated its own lockout-tagout (“LOTO”) procedures in

Rosie Minor

We’ve handled lots of cases involving tragic losses, hard-fought litigation, and large dollar figures, but we don’t always see forgiveness. That’s what made this case unique. The case was principally handled by Jeb Butler, Tom Giannotti, and Melody Walker. About Rosie Minor Rosie Minor was a special person.

The approximate location of the collision

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $2,300,000 settlement in a pedestrian accident case. On Mother’s Day 2022, our client was out enjoying a morning walk when she was struck by an inattentive driver inside a marked crosswalk. Instead of celebrating the day with her daughter and husband, our 73-year-old

Butler | Kahn recently obtained a $1,600,000 settlement for our client whose father was killed while walking in a parking lot. The settlement reflects the full policy limits of the at-fault driver’s automobile and umbrella insurance policies, plus applicable underinsured motorist (“UM”) coverage. Here’s more about the case.

The peanut trailer and pickup truck

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $2,000,000 settlement in a wrongful death case involving a farm worker who was pinned between a peanut trailer and a pickup truck. The decedent was helping his employer connect the tongue of the peanut wagon to the trailer hitch of the truck, when

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