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Riding a motorcycle is an exciting experience, but it also comes with risks, especially on busy roads like those in Atlanta. As a motorcycle rider, it’s important to stay alert and adopt defensive riding strategies to protect yourself from accidents. Below, Butler Kahn goes over practical tips to

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Understanding Georgia’s Helmet Law If you ride a motorcycle in Georgia, it’s important to know about the state’s helmet law. This law says that all motorcycle riders, no matter their age, must wear a helmet. This rule is not just for your safety; it also affects legal cases

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Tech Giant Tesla Settled Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Apple Engineer Died In Autopilot Collision SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (April 9, 2024) – Tesla has settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of a Silicon Valley engineer who died in a collision while his vehicle was in Autopilot. The crash

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Lowndes County Officials Investigating Valdosta Bicycle Accident Involving Public Works Truck On North Ashley Street and East Gordon VALDOSTA, GEORGIA (April 6, 2024) – A 56-year-old cyclist was critically injured in a car accident involving a Valdosta public works truck by North Ashley Street and East Gordon. Lowndes County officials

Personal injury

If you’ve been hurt because someone else did something wrong in Atlanta, you might be thinking about settling your personal injury case out of court. A settlement is when you agree to accept money from the person or company responsible for your injuries instead of going to court.

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When you get hurt because someone else was careless, your health history plays a big role in your personal injury claim. In Georgia, like many places, if you had a health issue before your accident, this is called a pre-existing condition. It’s important to understand how these conditions

If you have been injured in Atlanta, Georgia, understanding the role of negligence in personal injury cases is key to knowing your rights. Negligence is when someone does not take proper care or makes a mistake that causes you harm. For example, if a driver is not paying

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If you’ve been in a car accident in Atlanta and believe it was due to someone else’s mistake, you might be wondering how to prove it. One key tool used in car accident cases is accident reconstruction. This method helps to figure out how and why the accident

Car accidents

When you think about car accidents, the first things that often come to mind are physical injuries – broken bones, cuts, or maybe a stay in the hospital. However, what’s not immediately visible, and just as important, is the impact a car accident can have on your mental

car accident

If you’ve been in a car accident in Atlanta, especially one where you were injured due to someone else’s carelessness, understanding the role of witnesses can be very important. Here’s more on why witnesses are key in these situations and how they can impact your case. Why Witnesses

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