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The immediate aftermath of an Atlanta auto accident can be chaotic. The days and weeks afterward only get more stressful. You may be struggling just to get medical treatment and make transportation arrangements, all while missing time from work. Then there’s the added frustration of not knowing how long it will take to get back on your feet. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help.

The car crash lawyers at Butler Kahn understand what you are going through. We are here to make your life easier during this difficult time. Our knowledgeable team of respected car accident attorneys will help you understand your legal rights and manage all the details of your car accident claim. Our law firm will fight for the full compensation you need to get through this and move forward with your life. We have some of the best car accident lawyers in Atlanta.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your case. Our Atlanta car wreck attorneys are here to answer all your questions, whenever you need us.




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Why Choose Butler Kahn to Handle Your Atlanta Car Accident Case?

The car accident attorneys at Butler Kahn have earned an outstanding reputation throughout Georgia for providing top-quality legal representation with a focus on personalized customer service. Clients choose our car accident law firm because:

  • Our law firm limits the number of cases we take so we can devote our full attention and resources to your case. We focus on quality representation, not the number of cases.
  • Insurance companies and defense lawyers know we mean business. We are aggressive in fighting for your best interests. Insurance companies know we will go to trial if that’s what is necessary. Our reputation as fierce advocates gives us an advantage in settlement offer negotiations.
  • Our attorneys focus on maximizing results for you. We want to make sure our clients are not left with unexpected expenses and losses down the line. That’s why we often work with experts to assess the full extent of damages in a case.
  • Our attorneys are always available to speak directly with you. We answer your calls and emails. You never have to worry about whether you will be able to get ahold of us.
  • We are straight shooters. We pride ourselves on being honest and ethical. When we say we will do something, we do it.

If you are ready to get started on your case, contact our car accident lawyers in Atlanta now. The consultation is free, and there are no fees unless we recover money for you.

What We  Do For Our Clients – How Our Car Accident Attorneys Will Take the Pressure Off You

After a car accident, you may have a lot going through your mind. How will you get your car fixed? Who is going to cover your medical bills, especially if you don’t have health insurance? How long will you be out of work? Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are here to answer those questions and get you started on the road to recovery. When you choose a car accident lawyer at Butler Kahn, our team will:

  • Immediately review your case for free, talk you through your legal options, and answer all your questions
  • Help you resolve pressing concerns such as finding a doctor or dealing with impending medical bills
  • Deal with law enforcement and insurance companies as we launch an investigation into your crash to determine who was at fault
  • Identify all possible sources of compensation for your losses
  • Document your injuries and keep track of the treatment you are receiving
  • Work with you to determine all your related losses, including lost income due to your injuries
  • Hire respected experts to assess how your injuries will affect you in the future
  • Fight aggressively for the maximum compensation you deserve
  • Handle every single detail of your case from start to finish, so you can focus on your health

The car accident claims process is intimidating for people who do not have to do it every day for a living. Insurance adjusters are pros at it. Insurance companies are managing thousands of car accident claims daily.  — This means your case is just a number to that insurance adjuster. A dollar figure they want to keep as low as possible and pay as soon as possible because it’s in their best interest. If you settle with them before you know the full extent of your injuries, you will likely miss out on pursuing additional damages in the future.

While you’re recovering, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to focus on getting better. Your time is better spent on nursing your injuries than negotiating with an insurance company. An Atlanta accident attorney from Butler Kahn will step in to manage all aspects of your case. We will control the conversation with the insurance companies. We won’t settle unless it’s in your best interest.

Should I hire a law firm after an Atlanta car accident?

Many people wonder whether it’s worth it to hire an auto accident attorney after a crash. After all, the insurance adjuster seems nice. So do you really need a lawyer involved? To truth is: If you have been hurt, you should talk to a car accident lawyer. There are many ways that your injury may affect you, not just now but in the future.

An experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney will work to maximize your claim for compensation in ways that you would not have considered. Your car accident attorney will also work to protect your best interests throughout your case and ensure the insurance company does not take advantage of you.

Remember: The insurance company is not on your side. The insurer’s goal is to minimize payouts as much as possible.

Car Accident Claim Timeline – what can I expect when I file a car accident claim?

Being involved in a car accident can be stressful, painful, and traumatic. You may be wondering when things will get back to normal and you can get on with your life. If you’ve had to file a personal injury lawsuit as a result of the accident, resolving the matter is a huge part of that. Knowing the timeline that an injury lawsuit follows will be helpful in determining how much closer you are to putting it all behind you.

Most lawsuits for this type of injury can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the case and if it goes to court. In most cases, however, a settlement is reached at some point before a trial takes place.

The Process of Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

Most car accident cases are settled outside of litigation. A disagreement regarding the extent of the injured person’s damages, however, or who was at fault for the crash can cause these cases to go all the way to trial.

While the process of taking a case to court will vary depending on several different factors, there is a rough timeline that is followed to give an idea of how long the process can take.

  1. An official complaint is filed by the plaintiff and the lawsuit is started.
  2. The defendant is served with a copy of the complaint. Timing will depend on how hard it is to locate the defendant, but it usually takes just a few weeks.
  3. The defendant responds to the complaint. This will vary depending on the court, but the defendant is usually required to respond within about a month.
  4. The discovery phase takes place when each side will look at the information from both the defendant and the plaintiff. This determines what can serve as evidence during the trial. While discovery usually takes just a couple of months to complete, it can stretch on for over a year in some cases.
  5. The trial goes to court. This type of trial usually spans the course of a day or two.
  6. If one of the parties disagrees with the final verdict of the trial, they have the option to file an appeal. There are several different levels of appeals and each level can cause several years to be added to the case. This can cause the case to stretch out far longer than you’d hoped for.

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How Much Is My  Atlanta Auto Accident Case Worth?

Don’t be fooled by online “settlement calculators” or a volume-based law firm’s razzle-dazzle: nobody who is being honest with you can tell you right off the bat what your case is worth. The reason is that the value of your case depends on information that is not immediately available, such as the course of necessary medical treatment, the available insurance limits, and (in some cases) the at-fault driver’s driving history.”

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys will need to conduct an in-depth investigation into your crash to identify all possible sources of compensation. We will also need to thoroughly assess your injuries and all the resulting damages. Once we have a thorough accounting of your losses, we can demand the full compensation you deserve.


  • Medical expenses, such as ER visits, doctor appointments, surgeries, rehabilitation costs, and future treatment needs
  • Lost wages for the time you miss from work due to your injuries
  • Loss of future income if you are unable to return to work or are forced to ultimately take a lesser-paying job due to your injuries
  • Pain and suffering, including both physical and emotional pain you experienced after the accident

Do not trust an insurance adjuster to tell you the value of your case. Let an experienced Atlanta car accident injury lawyer from Butler Kahn review your claim for free and explain what full compensation should include. If you have been offered a settlement, do not agree to anything or sign anything without talking to a good lawyer about it.

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Aftermath of Car Accident

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When Car Accidents Result in Wrongful Death

The most tragic cases our firm handles involve families who have lost loved ones in wrecks that should have been prevented. Our car accident attorneys and staff provide both the emotional and legal support needed during this difficult time. We help families demand answers and justice for their loved ones. Although no amount of money can erase the grief families feel, our law firm pursues the maximum compensation allowed under the law to help alleviate families’ financial burdens after a wrongful death.

We do not charge any fees upfront to begin work on these types of cases. In fact, you do not pay us unless we recover money for your family. Contact our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers if you lost a loved one in a car accident now for a free consultation to learn how we can help.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim After a Car Accident in Atlanta?

If you were hurt in a car collision, there is a limited amount of time to file a claim for compensation. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. In Georgia, the statute of limitations on personal injury claims is typically two years from the date of the accident. However, that time limit could be significantly shorter depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

To ensure that time does not run out on your claim, you should speak with a knowledgeable car accident attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible. Contact our firm now to talk to a lawyer for free.

What Should I Do After a Car Wreck in Atlanta? Protecting Your Rights After an Atlanta Car Crash

It may seem like you have no control over what is happening in the moments, days, and weeks after a car wreck.

There are actually many steps you can take to protect your rights after a crash. For example:

  1. Car accident in Atlanta

    Car Accident in Atlanta

    Report the accident. Call the authorities to report the accident. The responding officers will collect evidence at the scene, possibly ticket the at-fault driver, and file a report with their findings. This can be helpful for your car accident injury claim.

  2. Document the scene. If you can, take photos of the vehicles and drivers involved. Get a picture of the other person’s driver’s license and insurance card. Take photos of your injuries, too. If you are not in a position to take photos, you can ask someone else at the scene to take them and send them to you.
  3. Get the contact information for any witnesses. Your lawyer can follow up with them to get a statement about what they saw.
  4. See a doctor immediately. Even if you don’t feel like you need an ambulance, you should see a doctor right away. This ensures you get a proper diagnosis and treatment. It also can help uncover and treat injuries you may not notice immediately, such as internal bleeding. This medical record of your injuries and treatment will be important as you begin your car accident claim.
  5. Save receipts, invoices, bills, and paperwork. Start a file for all the paperwork you receive related to your crash. Save everything to give to your attorney. It can also be helpful to start a journal about how you are feeling and how your injuries are affecting your daily life.
  6. Talk to an Atlanta car accident attorney as soon as possible. At Butler Kahn, we will work quickly to investigate your crash and preserve evidence. We will also manage all communication with the insurance companies and at-fault parties. Our team takes the pressure off you, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Our Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Handle The Insurance Company

Soon after your accident, you may be contacted by the insurance company of the negligent party. An adjuster may ask to get an official statement from you, or the insurer may just ask you to answer some questions for clarification purposes. No matter how nice these people might seem, their intentions are not in your best interest. What you tell them could be used against you.

You do not have to speak to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The best thing to do is tell them you will have an attorney contact them. Do not answer any questions. Do not sign anything. Do not accept any payment. Just contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.


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$150 Million Landmark Wrongful Death Verdict

Butler Kahn secured a $150 million jury verdict against Chrysler for the family of a 4-year-old boy who was killed in a devastating crash in Georgia. Our firm held the giant automaker accountable for Remington Walden’s death and for failing to warn the public about dangers associated with its Jeep Grand Cherokee. Learn More

Car collision across the street.

Common Causes of Car Collisions in Atlanta

The sad truth is that most car accidents could be prevented. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers have investigated thousands of car accidents, and we typically uncover that one party’s negligence is to blame. When this is the case, that party should be held responsible for the damages caused.


  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding or driving too fast for the conditions
  • Failing to signal
  • Failing to yield or stop
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Improper vehicle maintenance (common with commercial vehicles)
  • Defective auto parts
  • Poor road conditions

An immediate and thorough investigation is crucial to determine the cause of your crash. Our car accident law firm will work quickly to preserve evidence and identify all liable parties. We’ve won cases for everything from drunk driving accidents to texting and driving accidents, and we are ready to help you.

Questions To Ask Before Selecting an auto accident attorney in Atlanta

Car crash victims rarely know where to start. After the initial shock, you will have questions.

Some of the more frequent questions our firm hears from callers are:

  • Who will pay my medical bills?
  • Who will pay for the damage to my car?
  • How will I get around the city?
  • What should I tell the insurance company?
  • Should I even speak with the insurance company?
  • Do I need to give a recorded statement?
  • Does my health insurance pay for my medical bills?
  • Which specialist should I visit?
  • How much time do I have to file a lawsuit?
  • Do I even have to file a lawsuit?
  • How do I Prove Fault After a Car Accident?
The point is there is a lot that a car accident victim worries about after a car accident; rightfully so! After all, the accident has just rocked your world. You were driving with one destination in mind when suddenly, and without any warning, you were hit by a driver. You now have a new hurdle you never saw coming. Talking to a good auto accident lawyer Atlanta residents trust will help answer those questions, and in fact, will actually help answer questions you didn’t even know to ask. Learn about the Increase in Car Crashes.
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Hiring a Top Auto Accident Attorney Residents Trust Is an Important Decision.

Other than a website called Super Lawyers (which is reserved for the top 2.5% of all lawyers and of which our firm’s car accident lawyers have been rated and recognized in), there is no “best” list out there of the top car accident lawyers. You will want to do your own research. As you decide who to hire to represent you in your accident, ask yourself some questions:

  • Where did the lawyer go to college?
  • Where did he go to law school?
  • Does he have connections in the State?
  • What do his former clients say about him?
  • What does the internet say about him?
  • What awards has he won?
  • Has he been recognized in Super Lawyers or by Georgia Trend’s Legal Elite?
  • What verdicts has he won?
  • What does he charge? (Experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers can count on will get paid on a contingency fee which means he only gets paid after he wins and it is a percentage of what he wins; it should cost you no money to have him represent you.)
  • Is he a specialist in his field? One of the most important questions you should consider in your hunt for the right car accident lawyer does he specializes in car accidents to the point that he is considered a top car accident lawyer Atlanta hires, or does he works in other legal areas as well.

We serve all areas of Atlanta, including Brookhaven, Druid Hills, Buckhead, Chastain Park, Garden Hills, Piedmont Heights, Midtown, Downtown Atlanta, Grove Pak, Inman Park, South Atlanta, East Atlanta Village, West End, and Atlantic Station.

What Should I Not Do As I Consider Who To Hire As My Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer?

The single worst way to choose a lawyer after a car crash is by hiring someone you see on television. Television lawyers are advertising lawyers. Beyond that, the lawyer you see on television is not the actual lawyer who is going to handle your case. And if you really do want him as your lawyer, check up on his credentials and check how many cases he has actually litigated. You may be surprised to learn that he did not graduate from a well-respected law school or that he does not go to trial, ever.

The second worst way to hire a car accident lawyer is to hire someone whose name was given to you from a phone call after the accident. No matter who called you and told you to call the lawyer, you should never hire him. This is illegal and unethical, and lawyers who get cases this way can be prosecuted.

The third least effective way to choose an auto accident lawyer Atlanta folks hire is by hiring the lawyer your doctor suggests. You should listen to your doctor when it comes to medical advice. Of course, the referral may turn out to be a good referral, but again, you want to hire someone who you can verify on your own is a good lawyer. Reading former clients’ testimonials and visiting a lawyer’s website to see what awards he has earned, what presentations he has given, and what settlements and verdicts he has won all should help you in your decision.

Atlanta Attorney sits with team to discuss personal injury case

What Questions Should I Ask In a Car Accident Injury Consultation?

After you’ve done your research, schedule a consultation with the accident lawyer. A good car accident lawyer Atlanta accident victims can trust will offer to personally drive out to meet with you in your home. If he sends someone else on his behalf, you know he isn’t taking your car accident case personally enough.

Free Attorney Consultation – Questions You Should Feel Free To Ask:

  • What experience do you have handling cases like mine?
  • How many cases does your firm handle?
  • Will you personally handle my case, or will a paralegal?
  • What is your strategy for my case?
  • Are you going to settle my case or try my case?
  • How long will my case take do you think?
  • Will you give me your cell phone number?

Once you are done asking the questions, ask yourself this single most important question: do I trust this car accident lawyer Atlanta residents hire? If your gut tells you no or isn’t 100% certain the answer is yes, then it doesn’t matter what awards he has or what results in he has won for other clients, he is not the right fit for you. Trust is key. As your case progresses, you want to know that your lawyer is zealously fighting for you every step of the way.

You want to know that if your lawyer calls you and tells you the insurance company has made a settlement offer to settle your car accident case, he is giving you the best advice possible. Similarly, if your lawyer calls you and tells you that he thinks you should take your case to trial in front of a 12-person jury, he really does believe that it is in your best interest. This is your case. You want someone who is in it with you. At Butler Kahn, we feel very confident in our capabilities, awards, verdicts and settlements, and team. We want you to ask us anything—contact our car accident lawyer Atlanta Trust.

Involved in a Car Crash and Looking for a Settlement?

Rear end of a car that was in an accident

Rear-End Collision in Atlanta

Being involved in a car mishap is physically and mentally traumatic enough, but add on the costs of medical bills, any lost income from missing work, or damage to your car and it can be even more frustrating and confusing. If you were involved in an accident that is the result of the other driver’s negligence and that accident resulted in an injury, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation by hiring an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney and filing a personal injury claim.

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in Atlanta can help you to understand the extent of the damages that you deserve and provide you with an advocate through the process.

Even if you believe that you are perfectly capable of negotiating a settlement with an insurance claims adjuster, seeking the advice of an Atlanta auto accident lawyer is recommended for a few reasons:

Your Attorney Is Your Advocate

The insurance claims adjuster may seem like they are offering you a sum of money because they have your best interests at heart, but the fact of the matter is that they do not. Their job is to give you the lowest settlement offer you will feasibly accept so that they do not lose money.

You Need To Be Sure You Understand The Extent Of Your Injuries

Some insurance companies will attempt to get you to settle for the medical expenses you incurred shortly after the accident, but you may not understand the extent of your injuries at that point. Some injuries or symptoms do not even appear until weeks or months after the accident. Settling without the advice of a competent lawyer means that you could enter into a quick settlement and end up paying further down the line.

Atlanta Attorney Gathers Evidence

The Butler Kahn car accident Cleanup Crew

You Cannot Re-Negotiate A Claim Once You Have Already Done So

If you negotiate a settlement offer without the help of a car accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, and accept the offer you will not be able to re-negotiate the claim. Having a lawyer to go over the evidence of your pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of income, and property damage can result in a higher settlement for you.

Having a car accident lawyer in Atlanta on your side means that you will have someone to handle any negotiations with insurance companies so that you can be sure you are not being taken advantage of, prove that the other driver is liable for your injuries by sorting through and presenting the evidence, help you determine the true value of your injuries, find and negotiate a fair settlement and even file a car accident lawsuit if negotiations are not resulting in a fair settlement for you.

If you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you should contact an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer to help you with your car accident claim. A diligent and skilled attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve after experiencing a car accident. The car crash attorneys at Butler Kahn are just a phone call away. If you were hurt in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer you can trust.


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$150 Million Landmark Wrongful Death Verdict

Butler Kahn secured a $150 million jury verdict against Chrysler for the family of a 4-year-old boy who was killed in a devastating crash in Georgia. Our firm held the giant automaker accountable for Remington Walden’s death and for failing to warn the public about dangers associated with its Jeep Grand Cherokee. Learn More

What Parts of the Body Are Most Likely to Be Injured in a Car Accident?

Some of the most common injuries caused by car accidents include:

  • Broken bones, especially in legs, feet, arms, and wrists
  • Injuries to the head and face
  • Neck and back injuries, including whiplash
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Damage to the spinal cord, resulting in partial or complete paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to the body’s soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues
Premises Liability Lawyers

Where in Atlanta Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

  • Moreland Avenue between S. River Industrial Blvd. SE to Wylie Street SE
  • Georgia Hwy 85 from I-75 (Exit 237A) to Springdale Drive
  • I-285 from Bouldercrest Road exit to the I-20 interchange
  • I-285 between the Camp Creek Parkway interchange and the Riverdale
  • I-20 from Panola Road to Candler Road exit

What Types of Injuries Are Most Likely to Be Hidden?

Injuries like broken bones and lacerations usually produce visible, obvious effects that make them easier to diagnose and treat. Not all car accident injuries are so obvious. Some of the most common hidden injuries caused by car accidents include:

  • Soft-tissue injuries – Unless you tear a major muscle group, damage to your body’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons can be difficult to diagnose immediately after an accident. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t serious. Soft tissues connect and stabilize the muscles, joints, and bones. Any damage to them can be both severely painful and cause reduced mobility. Be especially watchful for damage to the soft tissues in and around your neck and upper back.
  • Some types of internal organ damage – If an object penetrates the body and damages an internal organ, it’s fairly easy to see. The force of a crash can damage organs even when they don’t sustain a direct impact or penetration injury. It’s crucial to seek continuing medical care after a crash to identify delayed symptoms of potentially fatal internal organ damage or internal bleeding.
  • Traumatic brain injuries – Concussions, internal bleeding in the brain, and other traumatic brain injuries often take days or weeks to manifest symptoms. Victims often experience headaches, insomnia, changes to their mood or personality, memory loss, and other symptoms before they realize these symptoms are more than just the immediate shock of the crash.
  • Back injuries – What may seem like minor, unrelated back pain after a car accident could well be the effect of a more serious underlying injury. A slipped or ruptured disc can worsen over time, leading to severe pain and limited mobility, for example.
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What If My Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

The most important thing to do if you suspect you have a hidden injury after a car accident is to see a doctor as soon as possible. Further delays in treatment could make your injury worse.

You may be able to recover compensation for delayed injuries from the at-fault driver and their insurer, but it can be a challenge. The other side will likely argue that your hidden injuries are unrelated to the accident or that your delay in seeking treatment means they shouldn’t be responsible for your additional medical bills. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you demand fair compensation for even hidden injuries.

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Client Reviews

“I met Jeb Butler because I was a witness in a case where a woman was killed in a fatal accident. He is an extremely fair and passionate person for sure. It was a pleasure to meet him and the team under these circumstances. They treated me like I was family and went above and beyond for their client.” -Steve C.

“This Law firm has truly been a blessing in the time of chaos…. Very professional and hands on law firm geared to satisfy the client. They worked extremely hard on our case from beginning to the end. Jeb Butler personally met with our family in person and kept all lines of communication open throughout our entire process!!!! If your looking for a solution and resolution to your untimely accident this firm is for you!!!!” -Aaliyah K.

“Graham represented my son after he was involved in a car accident that wasn’t his fault. When the insurance company gave us the run-around, Graham filed a lawsuit on our behalf and the insurance company settled shortly thereafter. Great job! Really enjoyed working with him!” -Matthew S.

Talk to an Experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Now

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. If you’ve been injured in a car crash in Atlanta, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Call the car accident attorneys in Atlanta at the Butler Kahn today. Our car accident injury law firm will immediately review your car accident lawsuit and make recommendations to move forward. And it won’t cost you a thing.

Our team does not get paid unless you get paid. You won’t owe us anything until your settlement or damages award is paid. Atlanta car accident lawyer.

The longer you go without protection from our team, the more you are at risk. First, your health is at risk if you don’t prioritize getting better. Second, your settlement could be at risk. Anything you say to the insurance companies could be held against you. They will try to get ahold of all of your medical records, even ones unrelated to the crash. They will look for reasons why you may have been negligent in the crash. They will try to pay you little or nothing at all.

Our car collision lawyers in Atlanta are skilled at managing these tactics. We have fought and won for many crash victims throughout Georgia. Now it’s time for our car accident law firm in Atlanta to help you. Contact our law offices now to get started with a free case review with one of our Atlanta car wreck lawyers.

Car Accident FAQs

Georgia follows a modified comparative negligence model in personal injury cases. Comparative negligence is a legal principle that allows car accident victims to obtain compensation even if they are partially to blame for the collision. But the law prevents them from recovering anything if their share of fault is 50 percent or more.

That means you can still recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses after an accident for which you are partially at fault. However, the amount of compensation you can recover is reduced based on your percentage of responsibility for the accident. The greater your fault, the less you may recover in compensation.

As a legal principle, the modified comparative negligence doctrine only governs court decisions. However, insurance adjusters consider how claims might play out in court when they offer settlements. The adjuster on your claim will likely consider the modified comparative negligence rule when estimating the value of your car accident claim. That’s why it’s important to consult a Georgia car accident attorney who can help minimize the amount of fault assigned to you and pursue maximum compensation.

There is no such thing as an “average” car accident settlement in Atlanta. Traffic collisions can contribute to all kinds of injuries and losses that vary significantly from case to case. The value of your unique case will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The nature of the wreck
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Available insurance coverage
  • Other possible sources of compensation
  • The number of at-fault parties

For instance, the value of an injury claim based on a car accident resulting in traumatic brain damage and life-long medical complications will likely be much higher than one involving a broken arm. And larger insurance policies mean there could be more money available to cover considerable losses.

At Butler Kahn, we carefully assess each case we take to calculate the total compensable losses involved and the various sources of recovery. That way, we know what a fair settlement looks like and when we should consider going to trial if the defendant or their insurer refuses to meet our reasonable demands.

The expected cost is one of the main reasons people with valid claims don’t seek legal help immediately after a crash. However, most personal injury lawyers – including those at Butler Kahn – take cases on contingency and do not charge upfront fees.

A strong advocate can help you calculate the total value of your losses and demand maximum compensation. An attorney can also defend your rights and respond to the hardball tactics some insurance adjusters use to strong-arm claimants into settling for less than they deserve.

At Butler Kahn, we understand you might feel financially vulnerable following a significant car accident. That’s why there’s no fee unless we win, meaning we don’t get paid if we don’t recover money for you. We also offer free initial consultations with zero obligation so you can understand your options thoroughly before you move forward.

When you file an accident claim with an auto insurance company in Georgia, an insurance adjuster reviews relevant information and evidence to determine who is at fault. An attorney can negotiate with the adjuster to come to a mutually acceptable decision regarding responsibility.

When you initiate a personal injury lawsuit, your attorney makes your case before a judge or jury. They may do this by presenting evidence such as:

  • The police accident report
  • Dashcam, surveillance, and traffic camera footage
  • Medical records and bills
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Expert witness testimony

The judge or jury then reviews the evidence, assesses the facts, listens to witness testimonies, and considers expert opinions to determine liability and award compensation as needed.

Evidence is vital to building a compelling case in either situation. An experienced attorney can help you collect the information you need to pursue full compensation.

Meet Jeb Butler


It’s pretty simple: a lawyer should be good at what he does, care about his clients, and live up to his word. That is how we have built this firm.

I’ve been handling exclusively personal injury and wrongful death cases for over ten years. Before that, I worked as a prosecutor, public defender, federal law clerk, and (briefly) as a civil defense lawyer. In law school I argued on the National Moot Court team, published on the Law Review, and graduated magna cum laude. Doing well in law school opened lots of doors for me but it was not until I started my own law firm handling serious injury cases that I opened the right one.

What I learned before law school has mattered the most. I learned to work hard, for a long time, at jobs that were not glamorous. I shoveled sod, mucked stalls, fed horses and cows, cut grass, and ran a weed-eater. I learned to weld and drive a tractor. I learned about pride in a job well done.

That is what drives me now. I want to win my client’s case, look them at the eye at the end when we deliver the check, and know that my firm has lived up to its word of delivering top-tier legal work and top-tier client service.

Meet Matt Kahn



If you’re on our page looking for a personal injury lawyer, you and your family have likely suffered a serious loss. This page probably isn’t the first law firm website you’ve visited. Let me tell you what we can do for you.
The three most important things you should look for in a lawyer are experience, work ethic, and communication.

  • Experience – I’ve dedicated my career to fighting for people and families who’ve suffered unimaginable losses by focusing solely on personal injury and wrongful death cases. It’s all we do at Butler Kahn.
  • Work Ethic – I fight for my clients around the clock. My day doesn’t end at 5:00 p.m. When I take on a case, that case becomes a significant part of my life. Why shouldn’t it? It’s certainly a significant part of yours.
  • Communication – Each of my clients have my cell phone number. If you want to talk to you lawyer, you should be able to on your time.

You need real lawyers who handle serious cases. That is what Butler Kahn does.