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Car Accident: What If the Other Driver Has No Insurance?

An auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA locals recommend can tell you that an uninsured driver can wreak havoc for the victims of accidents they cause. Driving without insurance is not only dangerous for the party who is not carrying it, it can also severely impact the person they hit in an accident. Those looking for an auto accident lawyer in Atlanta GA can rely on Butler Law Firm for the help they need. We have helped many clients over the years since we first opened our doors. We understand the financial and physical impact a car accident can have, especially if a driver decides to be on the road without insurance coverage.

So, what exactly happens if someone hits you and they don’t have car insurance? There are many potential repercussions. We have highlighted the main consequences below. For more information specific to your situation, contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta GA victims trust from Butler Law Firm by calling us at 678-940-1444.

  1. Paying Out of Pocket for Damages
    If someone else caused an accident that involved you but they do not have insurance, you may have to pay out of pocket for your vehicle damages. Though you may have uninsured driver insurance, you will have to weigh the potential increase in insurance premiums if you file a claim, versus paying out of pocket.
  2. Financial Responsibility for Injuries
    As with damages of your personal property, you may have sustained a serious injury in the accident. If the at-fault driver didn’t have insurance, a personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA motorists turn to from our firm may be able to pursue their assets as payment. Talk to one of our attorneys to find out more.
  3. Breaking the Law
    Driving without insurance coverage is illegal in almost all states. The driver could face heavy fines, have their driver’s license revoked, and possibly face jail time. If you file a lawsuit against the driver, an auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA residents choose will likely bring up how irresponsible the other driver is, and that it placed you in a bad situation. Depending on the nature of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident, your lawyer may choose to pursue compensation for pain and suffering as well as punitive damages.
  4. Future Insurance is at Risk
    A driver’s history of at-fault accidents and if they were uninsured are factors taken into consideration for premium costs. Coverage for drivers who have never had an accident versus those who have caused an accident without insurance is drastically more expensive.

How an Attorney Can Help

Pursuing compensation from a driver who did not have insurance can be challenging. However, an Atlanta GA auto accident lawyer from Butler Law Firm can help you throughout the claim process and possible litigation. We can help you take the steps necessary to hold the offending driver responsible for their irresponsible actions. We believe you should not have to suffer due to the recklessness of another driver on the road. We can help.

For a free initial case evaluation, please contact our law offices at (678) 940-1444 to schedule an appointment with an auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA offers from Butler Law Offices.