What is my Case Worth?

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Attorney Matt Kahn answers an important question: What is my Case Worth?

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►Hi. My name’s Matt Kahn. I’m an attorney with Butler Law Firm. One question that I always get from new clients or potential clients is what’s my case worth? And it’s an important question and a good one, but like many lawyer responses, the answer is that it depends. It depends on liability facts, and it depends on what the damages are in your case. Liability is really just the question of who’s at fault for causing the injuries. In a car wreck case you’re going to want to look at things like was the striking driver following too closely? Or if it was a wreck at an intersection, you’re going to want to figure out who had the right of way, who had a green light and who had a red light.
►If the liability facts line up in your favor, then it’s really just a question of damages. And damages is just a legal term for what your injuries were. There are really two components to damages. You have your special damages and then your intangible damages or non-economic damages. For your special damages you’re going to look at your medical bills and your lost wages. For medical bills, you can recover both your past and future medical bills. And for lost wages, it really just looks at how much time you missed from work and tries to compensate you for what you would’ve earned had you not been involved in a wreck or injury.
►Now, the non-economic damages are a little trickier to figure out, and that’s where it really pays off to hire a team of lawyers who have experienced litigating personal injury cases and trying them in front of juries. The non-economic damages are the intangible part of the injury, the pain and suffering, the inconvenience to your daily living, and just really anything that doesn’t fall within medical bills. That will depend on how badly you were injured. If you hurt your neck and missed a couple days of work, it’s going to be worth less than if you have to have an emergency surgery and then several months of physical therapy after the injury.
►So, what is the case worth? You have to really look at both of these factors and come up with a magic number, which varies from case to case, and depends on the facts of the case. So, if you have a case and you want to know what it’s worth, we’re happy to talk to you and share our thoughts. But one important thing to remember is that there are no guarantees and any lawyer that does guarantee an outcome in the case is probably not a very good one. If you think that you’ve been wronged by someone and have suffered an injury because of it, give us a call and we’re happy to go through the facts of your case and talk about value and what our strategy would be. Our number is (678) 400-6166. Thanks.

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