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Attorney Tom Giannotti is here to tell you what you need to know about Rideshare Insurance!

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► As many of us head out of town for summer vacation, it’s important to be aware if you’re going to use Uber, or Lyft or another ride share app, it’s important to never agree to do a off the books ride with one of these companies. Uber and Lyft both carry a million dollar insurance policy and this covers you if you’re injured in an accident while you’re in the car, waiting for your ride to pick you up or getting dropped off from your ride. But this is only available if your app is turned on and you’re actually using the service.
► This actually just happened to me recently at the Atlanta airport. I just come in off a late flight. I was tired, I just wanted to get home. So I walked to the exit and call a ride share, and it was one of the few cars available. Well, it turns out I missed the designated ride share pickup area and was in a totally wrong place. But a driver shows up says, “I’m not really supposed to pick you up here.” But turns out he runs a limo business and does this on the side and wants to cut a deal.
► So what could go wrong here? Well, God forbid, if you were to be hurt in an accident while you’re in that off the books Uber ride, you could end up being stuck with tens of thousands or more of dollars worth of medical bills. Without the protection that these million dollar insurance policies, these commercial policies that are offered by Uber and Lyft for ride share drivers and their passengers, you would be left with the driver’s personal insurance next.
► So most personal insurance policies nowadays have an exclusion for commercial pursuits like this. So they’re even actually more specific than that and actually specifically talk about rids share. So most likely you’d not be covered under the driver’s personal insurance policy if that driver is using his or her own vehicle for Uber or Lyft, because that’s a commercial purpose.
► Now, in this particular example, I gave of the limo company if that company is legit, perhaps they had their own business insurance. But in our practice, we’ve seen many examples of fly by night businesses that are just really uninsured and you can end up in a really bad spot if again, something goes wrong.
► Now, if somebody else causes the accident again, perhaps that driver’s insurance, if they have enough or have any at all, could cover you. Or if you have what we call underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage through your own auto policy that may also cover you through your own insurance if you’re in that situation.
► Otherwise, hopefully you have good health insurance and can afford to pay a deductible on a health insurance. So, I mean the bottom line here is it’s just never a good idea to agree to do an off the books ride share. Sure, it might save you a couple bucks, but that’s not worth the risk if something goes wrong and beyond these concerns about insurance coverage, there are other safety risks too, especially if you’re riding alone. So be safe out there folks. Thank you for watching.

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