Two Types of Personal Injury Law Firms: Wholesale and Retail

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Jeb Butler is here to teach you the two types of Personal Injury Law Firms!

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► I’m Jeff Butler with the Butler Law Firm and today we’ll talk about the two different types of personal injury law firms. When most people hear the term personal injury lawyer, which is who I am and what I do, they don’t really think about people like me. When most people hear that term, they don’t think of firms like ours. They think about the massive billboard advertisers and those big firms that run TV ads all day long about how you can get free money if you just call them. They think about ads like this guy, who put himself on the billboard and said, “Are you asking for it?” They think about guys like the Gorilla Lawyer. They think about all these other obnoxious billboards and TV ads that you see personal injury lawyers putting up in Georgia and elsewhere like this person with a fancy phone number, or this dude who’s claiming that size matters. That’s what people think about and unfortunately that’s not the entire reality. That’s not our firm.
► Today, we’ll talk about the two types of persons and firms. What most people think about are the wholesale firms who treat their cases the same way that Walmart treats their inventory. They want to get it in, sell it, settle it as fast as they can, and move on to the next case. That works out well for the owner of the law firm, they make a lot of money in the long term, but it is not very good for the firm’s clients who have their cases settled cheap and who don’t get treated with the respect they deserve. These are the firms you see advertising on billboards and TV. Typically, they’ll have about 150 to 300 cases per lawyer. Now, I don’t care who this firm hires, no lawyer, no matter how smart they are or how hard they work, can effectively handle 150 to 300 cases and do a good job at it. It just can’t be done.
► So what really happens is that these firms, the people doing the actual work, are called case managers and they don’t have law degrees. They might not have even finished college. It’s people who are trying their best, but they’re not giving the firm’s clients the best representation out there possible. They just can’t do it because there’s too many cases for a lawyer. The upside of the wholesale firms, if you’re a client looking for a personal injury firm or a potential client, is that they will take about anything. If you call them up and say, “I’ve been hurt”, they’ll sign you up and get to work. A downside is if you’re trying to get in touch with someone. If you become a client of one of these wholesale firms, one of these billboard advertisers, good luck getting in touch with your lawyer. You may eventually but it’s going to take a long time. Most of the time you’re going to be leaving a message for your case manager and hoping to get called back.



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