Seven things you need to know about Vehicle Property Damage

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Attorney Emory Rogers is here to tell you seven things you need to know about Vehicle Property Damage .

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►Emory Rogers: Hey there I’m Emory Rogers from the Butler Law Firm and I want to give you seven things that you need to know to get your car repaired after you’ve been in a car crash. The first and most crucial, most foundational thing you need to do is get a police report. Police reports will lay out who was involved in the crash, and they’ll tell you the insurance companies that are involved as well. These things are super important and lay the foundation for any car repair that you’re going to get in the future.
►The next thing you need to do, the second thing, is once you have that police report, you need to contact the at fault driver’s insurance company. Once you contact them, you’ll set up a claim, you’ll give them all of your insurance information and then they’ll send out an adjuster to come check out your car. They’ll come inspect it, see what it’s worth, see what the value is, see what the damage is.
►So and the third thing is if your car is repairable, then you have a couple of different options. The insurance company can send you to one of their garages where you just simply drop off the car, they’ll do the assessment, they’ll do the repair, and you just pick it up and you’re good to go. Another option is you can pick the garage where you get your car repaired at, but please be careful. When you get your car repaired somewhere else, you need to make sure that the value and the cost of that repair lines up with the value and the cost of the repair from the insurance company. For example, if you go to a garage and they charge you $1,500 for this repair, but the insurance company thinks the repair is worth only $1000, then you’re going to be required to pay that $500 difference because that’s all that the insurance company is going to pay for. So be very careful.
►Another thing to look out for is with your either renting your car, or if you’re still making payments on your car, whoever you’re leasing it from, or you’re making those payments to might have requirements about what sort of authorized shops you take the car to to get repaired. So make sure you get in contact with them. Make sure everything is good and that all your ducks are in a row before you take it to some unauthorized repair shop.
►Now, even when you get your car repaired, you still have the fourth thing that you need to know, and that’s the diminished value of your car. Now, your car, even when it’s repaired, everything’s been put back together, it looks just as it did before the crash, your car is going to be worth less. And that’s simply because buyers in the future, when you go to sell your car, aren’t going to pay the same amount, simply knowing the fact that your car was in a crash. Your car has a diminished value, even though it’s been repaired. So you’re actually entitled to that payment as well so when you get all things are said and done and you sign the paperwork, you’re also entitled to get the diminished value of your car, plus some interest for whatever that value was.
►Now, if your car is not repairable is you have what’s called a total loss. So that’s the fifth thing you need to know. And a car is considered a total loss if the value of the repair is for more than 75% of the value of the car. So if your car is worth $10,000 and your car has an $8,000 repair, then that car is considered totaled and you’ll just get a check for it. But if your car is worth, say $50,000 and you still have an $8,000 repair, you’re going to have to go get it repaired and go the route that we just talked about.



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