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One of our clients is here to tell us a little about his trucking accident case and his experience working with Butler Kahn.

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► Thank you for coming in and doing this video for us. Tell us just a little bit about what kind of case you had.
► We were involved in an automobile accident.
► Okay. Yeah. And I don’t want to hear the exact name of the company, but is it a commercial car wreck or just a regular car wreck or-
► It was definitely a commercial, big time company.
► Okay.
► Yes, sir.
► Yeah. And tell us how the wreck happened. Was it T-bone collision, a sides swipe, a rear end?
► From my memory… Is that a word?
► Yeah, man, you’re good. It’s a word.
► Okay. From my perspective, we were getting ready to go… The driver had on the right signal, so that gave us the okay to go around as she was slowing down. And she just swung left, and it caused us to T-bone her.
► Okay.
► Yes, sir.
► I gotcha. And tell us a little bit about… You were with somebody else, but tell us about your injuries.
► I had a laceration, sorry, to my face, and I had back pain.
► Okay, I gotcha. Were you able to get good medical treatment for those things?
► Yes, sir. My scar is healing up very well in my face. Everything is really well.
► Yeah. So tell us, you obviously worked with our firm. Who at our firm did you work with, mostly?
► Brittany.
► And how was that?
► Brittany was phenomenal. She was straight to the point, answered the phone, never had to wait. She made it comfortable enough for me to understand everything, even with the big words and the long questions. She broke it down very well for my level.
► Yeah. Well, I know she liked working with you also, so thank you for being great clients. Don’t give me the exact number, but were you pleased with eventual settlement in your truck case?
► My settlement numbers were absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t expect that, but it was great. It’s a great number.
► Okay. Well, cool, man. Thanks for coming in and doing the video. We appreciate you.
► No problem. Thanks for having us.
► All right.



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