How to Get Medical Care After a Car Crash

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► Hi, my name is Emory Rogers. I’m an attorney here at Butler Kahn, and today I want to talk to you about the most common question I get when a new client comes to us following a car crash. That question is how do I get the medical treatment that I need. After a car crash, it’s a very confusing time. There’s a lot of chaos. There’s a lot of unknowns and getting that long-term care isn’t the first thing that’s on your mind. After a crash, when you go to the emergency room with an ambulance visit or you go to an urgent care, you get that immediate triage that you need. But then in the days, weeks, months following the crash, there’s all sorts of other follow-up care that you’re going to need and it can be difficult to navigate so today I want to talk to you about the two routes that you can go to get that additional care you need.
► The first route is through your health insurance. If you have health insurance, you just book an appointment and do any other follow-up care that you need just like you would for any other doctor. It can be a little bit difficult sometimes because the specialist who you need to see might not be in your area or they’re only available six months from now or there can be a whole host of other problems. But really it’s pretty straightforward just like any other provider that you need to see. Now with car crashes, it can be a little tricky as well because the insurance company might be entitled to what’s called subrogation.
► Now, subrogation is just a way of saying reimbursement. The way the insurance company looks at it is they say, “Hey, wait a second. This guy who hits you, the at-fault driver, they’re the ones who need to pay for your healthcare, not us. It’s that guy’s fault.” Subrogation is a way of saying, “You need to reimburse us for what we paid and that guy needs to pay for it.” But again, it can be a little tricky because depending on the plan language and how it’s written out, depending on whether it’s governed by state law or federal law, they might not be entitled to that reimbursement, that subrogation. Giving an attorney a call, we can help walk you through it and really understand the process and figure out what’s owed and what’s not owed.
► Now the second route you can go is you treat under what’s called a letter of protection. Now, if your health insurance is just straight garbage, you don’t like the doctors in your network, you can’t be seen for a while, your deductibles are super high, there’s a whole host of reasons of why you might not want to use your own health insurance. If you don’t want to use your own health insurance or you don’t have health insurance, you can treat under what’s called a letter of protection.
► Now, a letter of protection is just a fancy IOU that you sign with the doctor. What you do is you go to the doctor’s office and you say, “Hey Doc. I can’t pay for all this treatment I need right now. I can’t pay for this out of pocket. It’s too expensive. But what I will do is I’ll pay you with any proceeds that I get from either my settlement after my car crash or from the jury verdict that I get following my car crash.” That way you can still see the same doctors, you still get all the same treatment, but instead of paying for it out of pocket up front, you push it all back to the end and you pay for it out of the settlement that you get.
► Now this is an easy way to go and a lot of clients like to use this because it delays the medical writers from sending you to collections. They can’t send you to collections while you’re working under a letter of protection.



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