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A client involved in a trucking accident case is here to talk about his experience with Butler Kahn.

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► Okay. Well, thank you for sitting down and joining us. You were obviously a client of the law firm. Tell us what kind of case you had, if you would.
► Truck accident involving a box truck.
► Okay. And just generally, how did the wreck happen? What car was doing what? That kind of thing.
► I was in an accident involving a box truck that had on their right turn signal, and as I got ready to pass them in the left lane, she made a left turn instead of the right turn, causing us to collide with each other.
► Yeah. And then what happened with you? What happened to your car after the collision? Y’all ended up in a ditch?
► Yeah, we ended up in a ditch. Yeah. We hit them pretty hard and we ended up in the ditch on the left side of the road. I broke my femur.
► Yeah.
► That’s pretty-
► That’s the biggest bone in your body.
► Right, right. Yeah. It was a pretty bad accident.
► Yeah. So tell us, who did you work with at our firm?
► Matt, Brittany, I think a little bit with Tom. Mainly Matt and Brittany.
► Well, you got the whole setup up then. You got all three of those. Yes.
► Yeah.
► All right. Well, how did it go? How’d you feel about the case?
► It went well. It went great. It was phenomenal. I loved everything about it. I just thank y’all for providing me with the treatment that I needed to get back. All the therapy that y’all… All the information, all the resources. It was just all great and I appreciate it for helping me get back on track.
► Well, tell me. So obviously you walked in here today, you seem to be doing a lot better. How’s the leg?
► It’s doing pretty good, but it was rough, especially the first six months. That’s probably like the toughest, the first six months. But today, [inaudible 00:01:57] a year later and I feel a whole lot better.
► Yeah.
► I’m really thankful.
► Well, yeah. Thank you. I mean, how did you feel like the communication was? Did it keep you updated on your case?
► Yeah, it was great, man. I never had to wait on nobody to call me back. Everything was just right then and there. So yes, the communication was great. So yeah, I loved it and I appreciate that again.
► Yeah. Were you happy with the result in your case?
► Yes-
► Case seven, right?
► Yeah, I was very happy. Overall, I was, yes. I’m grateful.
► Well, thank you, man. I appreciate you coming in.
► Yeah, you’re welcome. You’re welcome. Thank y’all for having me.
► Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Thank you for the review.
► Yeah.



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