Steps to Success in Personal Injury cases

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Attorney Tom Giannotti is here with three steps to success in your personal injury case.

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► Hi, I’m Tom Giannotti, attorney with Butler Kahn, here with three steps to success in your personal injury case. Now, these can’t guarantee that you’ll win your case. It’ll certainly keep your lawyers happy and hopefully maximize the value of the case.
► So the first step is to keep and attend all of your medical appointments. This is important not only for your wellbeing and your healthy recovery, but also for your case. It shows that you’re taking your health and your recovery seriously. And we know that life can get in the way sometimes, so if you can’t make your physical therapy appointment, for example, call to reschedule, let them know what’s going on because then you won’t have a bunch of no call, no show entries in your medical records, because that looks bad later on the case. Even if you had good reasons for not being able to make it to certain appointments, it gives the appearance at least that patients didn’t bother to complete or follow through on your doctor’s orders.
► The second step is to save documents and records that relate to your accident. This will help your injury attorney investigate your case. And of course, your attorney’s going to do a lot of the heavy lifting here, including gathering medical records, bills and accident reports, for example, but keeping good records, particularly when it comes to things like text messages or emails, particularly those that are a critical part of your case, is going to be really important, or for example, things like pay stubs when it comes to lost income or in a wrongful death case, be able to have records from your loved one about whether it’s their income or various parts of their life that you’ll need to tell their story. This can be an invaluable part of prosecuting your case.
► Your third step is to tell the truth. This should go without saying, but it’s really important, and that bear’s emphasizing here. So tell your doctors the truth about your medical history. Tell your lawyer the truth about the accident and your injuries, and tell the opposing part of the truth about all aspects of your injury case. Failing to tell the truth is probably the worst thing you can do in your case. Not only could you be committing perjury if you lie under oath, such as in a deposition or trial, but you may well lose your case as a result. Something that may seem insignificant at the time once later uncovered can seriously undermine and destroy your credibility as a witness. If you fail to tell the truth, people who are on your side like your own lawyer or your doctor means that they can’t do their job to help you. So always tell the truth. And if ever in doubt about anything, air on the side of full disclosure. Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
► So thank you all for watching. And if you have questions for us, contact Butler Kahn. You can use the link below. Thank you!



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