5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Car Injuries

A car accident is often a frightening event no matter when or how it happens. If you’re injured as a result, you might think you don’t have many legal options. That may be because somewhere along the way you’ve heard a few things that aren’t true. Here are five lies you might have heard about car accident injuries:

1. You can only recover damages for medical bills.

If you’re hurt from the accident, you might think that you can only recover damages for your medical bills. This isn’t necessarily the case. There are lots of different types of accident-related losses that you may be able to win compensation for if you’re hurt in a car crash.

  1. When you’re hurt in a car accident, you might not be able to work. You can receive compensation for your the money you would have earned if not injured. A personal injury attorney can help you with this.
  2. You might also have pain and suffering. Under some circumstances, and with the aid of medical records and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney you might be eligible for compensation for your physical pain and emotional suffering.

When insurance companies or those responsible for your accident intentionally and egregiously hurt a victim, the court or a jury might want them to pay additional sums so that they can learn a lesson. These kinds of damages are called punitive damages. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, these damages might be available to you. However, it’s important to avoid making assumptions about your case until you have a chance to speak with an experienced car accident attorney.

2. You can’t recover damages if you might have done something to contribute to causing the accident.

You might be under the impression that if you’ve done anything that may have led to the accident that you can’t recover damages for your car accident injuries. In a large number of cases, that has proved to be untrue.

Much of the time, the court looks at what’s called comparative negligence. That means that even if you did something wrong, if someone else also did something wrong, you can still recover a portion of your damages. The court evaluates your actions compared to everyone else involved, and they determine percentages of fault. The result can be that you get what you fairly deserve.

3. The insurance company is there to help you.

The insurance company might pretend to be your friend, but in reality, they’re a business. They save money when they deny claims. You shouldn’t take their word for it if they tell you they don’t have to pay your claim. It’s often best to work with an attorney to handle the negotiations with the insurance company. A qualified attorney knows the tricks that the insurance companies use, and your attorney can help make sure that you’re paid fairly for your damages.

4. You can’t change the insurance company’s mind.

The insurance company’s word is not final. If they see that you’ve hired an attorney, they know that you’re not going to back down before you get justice. An attorney can help you present your case in the best possible light. This can make the insurance company more willing to come to the table and offer a settlement that reflects the compensation you deserve.

5. You can’t afford a lawyer.

The insurance company might want you to believe that a skilled personal injury lawyer Milwaukee trusts is out of reach for your budget. The truth is that there are a lot of different ways a lawyer can represent you, often without any upfront costs. Many car accident lawyers don’t collect any kind of fee from you unless you recover damages in your case. Talk with a personal injury attorney about your payment options. Most car accident attorneys are happy to answer all of your questions so that you can have confidence in hiring them for your personal injury case.

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