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Driving while intoxicated is illegal in Georgia because it significantly raises the chances of getting into a car accident. If the driver is a teenager, the dangers of wrongful death and severe injuries caused by a drunk-driving car crash increase even more. Throughout the country, research has found that drivers aged between 16 and 20 are 15 times more likely to die due to a drunk driving accident than if there had not been any alcohol involved. It has also been found that one in ten high schoolers have said that they have driven while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drinking and driving are dangerous regardless of your age. However, drinking and driving while under the legal limit is a very severe offense that can harm other drivers on the road as well as any additional passengers in the teen’s own car. If you or your loved one has been injured because of an underage driver under the influence, it is important you contact a teen car accident law firm in Atlanta to ensure you receive compensation for any medical bills, property damage, pain, suffering, or lost wages.

My Teenager Was Injured as a Passenger in a Teenage Drunk Driver’s Car

Unfortunately, when a teen drunk driving case is brought to an Atlanta teen car accident law firm, it is not uncommon that the driver and all of the passengers were teenagers and all were drinking before the car accident took place. In these types of situations, insurance companies could say that no one deserves compensation for the accident as they were all contributing to the accident or understood the risks present.

However, many teen car accident law firms in Atlanta will disagree with this mindset and believe that those who provided the alcohol to underage teens should be held liable. There are some instances where the passengers have no idea that the driver has been drinking. A dedicated car accident law firm in Atlanta will investigate this accident to figure out when the drinking took place to prove your teenager should be compensated for their injuries.

If your child has been injured by being a passenger in a car driven by a teen driver while intoxicated, you should contact an Atlanta teen car accident law firm. Your injury lawyer will help find out how the teenagers were able to obtain alcohol as well as who provided it to them.

We will also fight to ensure that your child receives the settlement they deserve. No one should have to go through a traumatic experience to be told their injuries do not matter because they were drinking.

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One of the best preventions of teen drunk driving is for parents and guardians to have open and honest conversations about the dangers of drinking and driving. Despite very tough laws, there are many teenagers who find themselves in situations being pressured to drive while intoxicated. Peer pressure is also the cause of many teenagers being a passenger in a car driven by a teen drunk driver. Contact Butler Kahn, a teen car accident law firm in Atlanta clients recommend today to schedule a consultation.