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Auto Accident Lawyer Atlanta GA

Defining who is at-fault in an auto accident can be a complex process, and it can impact your personal injury claim heavily. The answer may not be straightforward. In fact, depending on who is involved in the crash there could be multiple drivers who were negligent and should therefore pay compensation for your injuries.

Auto accident personal injury cases with multiple defendants usually arise from a multi-vehicle crash. In Georgia, drivers are deemed a percentage at-fault for an accident. As such, brining a personal injury claim can be a confusing process without assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta GA.

The team at Butler Law Firm stands ready to represent you in your multi-vehicle crash and we will seek out as much compensation as possible for you.

Defining Fault in Georgia

Georgia is a modified comparative negligence state. This means an amount of fault belongs to each person involved. The amount of damages you can collect is equal to the amount of fault that belongs to the other party.

For example, let’s say you’re involved in a three car accident. You, driver one, is deemed to be 25 percent fault. Driver two is deemed to be 25 percent fault also, but driver three is deemed 50 percent fault.

Now let’s say all three of you claim $100,000 in damages. This means you can recover damages equivalent to the fault of each driver. So, from driver two you would claim $25,000 and from driver three you can receive $50,000. But since you are also at-fault, the two other drivers could try to recover $25,000 from you.

Benefits of a Personal Injury Case

Most drivers do not have a clear understanding of what their personal injury case is worth. Insurance companies will make consistent efforts to get you to settle. Adjusters will not always have your best interests in mind, as they are also looking out for the insurance company and the hundreds and thousands of other claims brought forth.

Their settlement offer may not consider all that the accident has done to your life. How it has impacted your daily routine, your relationships with loved ones, and your ability to work.

A skilled Atlanta auto accident lawyer of Butler Law Firm know how to maximize the damages you are owed. We will take into account all of the pain and suffering you have endured. Don’t take the first settlement an insurance company offers without talking to an auto accident lawyer in Atlanta GA at Butler Law Firm first.

Get Experienced Help

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident where there are potentially multiple defendants, you need to get help from an experienced Atlanta, GA auto accident lawyer.

The team at Butler Law Firm understands the complexities of these cases. We will work to identify all potential sources of recovery for you and seek out those damages. An auto accident lawyer from Atlanta, GA at Butler Law Firm are not afraid to manage the multiple defendants in these complicated cases.

We have represented many auto accident victims in Atlanta, and we are ready to help you. Please call today for your free consultation.