Melody Walker was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She graduated high school in 2002 and set out to begin a career in healthcare with dreams of one day becoming a Medical Doctor. In 2003, she obtained certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant while also attending an Associate Degree Nursing Program at Delaware Technical & Community College in Stanton, Delaware. She worked in psychiatric hospitals, acute healthcare centers, emergency rooms, hospice, assisted living, and various types of healthcare facilities before working in some of the largest, well-known health insurance companies and pharmaceutical distributors on the east coast. While she was able to gain a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare insurance industry, she also became very disturbed with some of the healthcare and insurance regulations in place and watched countless people suffer as a result.

Melody decided that even though being a doctor would be a major personal and educational accomplishment as well as an extremely rewarding career, she would be bound to some of the very rules within healthcare that she disagreed with and decided that she would one day become an attorney instead, specializing in Health Law.

In 2008, she returned to school at Widener University’s Legal Education Institute in Wilmington, Delaware studying pre-law and obtained her Bachelors Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2011. She obtained her general paralegal certification as well as paralegal certifications in Litigation, Health Law, Corporate and Criminal Law in 2013. She then attended Widener University School of Law and obtained her Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law concentrating in Regulatory Analysis and Legal Compliance in Health Law, graduating magna cum laude in 2015.

She migrated to Georgia in 2016 and began her legal career, working in law firms as a litigation paralegal on cases ranging from simple motor vehicle accidents all the way up to the more complex, wrongful death, catastrophic injury and medical malpractice cases. She is passionate about her clients and has a genuine interest in litigation and all that it entails. Outside of her passion for law, she enjoys reading medical literature, dabbling in legal research, watching health documentaries and scary movies, and browsing Pinterest for new recipes and home décor ideas. She also enjoys being an integral part of a team that truly advocates and fights for justice for injured clients, thus her reasoning for joining Butler Kahn.

She forewarns us all to beware, because Mrs. Melody Walker, Esq. is in the making and will be coming soon to a Court near you. She plans to leave a heavy footprint in the trial world fighting for injustices in healthcare. Until then, she will be behind the scenes assisting the attorneys at Butler Kahn in fighting for justice for its clients, from behind the desk all the way to the courtroom.