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An airbag accident lawyer in Atlanta from Butler Kahn has represented victims of car accidents for many years. We understand that during such a difficult time, having someone there who understands the legalities of things can feel like a breath of fresh air. While you are healing, we can do the paperwork aspect of your case.

When the airbag in a car deploys from the impact of a car collision, it may pop out of the dashboard at a rapid speed, covered in dust and chemicals, as well as hot to the touch. Of course, airbags undeniably help save people’s lives every single day, however, they can be a cause of physical injury to drivers and their passengers.

If you or someone you love was recently in a vehicle collision and faced injury and financial loss, then we urge you to contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta residents trust for guidance.

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How Airbags Work

Airbags consist of a light fabric. They are placed in the steering wheel of the driver’s side, and the dashboard panel of the passenger’s side. The airbag is about the size of a large beach ball when inflated fully. Additional airbags may be installed in the doors on the vehicle, just in case of a side-impact accident. The airbag is connected to a sensor in the car that will trigger it to deploy if the car gets into a collision over approximately 10MPH. The airbag deploys quickly, at a rate of only a fraction of a second. After deployment, the airbag will deflate promptly, but may have released dust and other chemicals that can irritate the eyes and skin.

As your airbag accident lawyer in Atlanta may inform you during a consultation, the most common error for airbag deployment has to do with the crash sensor. There are several ways the sensor may not work properly, including:

  • Malfunctioning at the wrong time, such as not during a car accident
  • Not deploying at all in the event of a crash
  • The sensor only deploying the driver’s or passenger’s side, but not both
  • The airbag deploying too late

And because the timing of airbag deployment is so imperative to effectiveness, anytime it doesn’t work as it is supposed to can cause injury to those inside the vehicle. If you are dealing with injuries due to an airbag malfunction, then please call Butler Kahn today to speak with a personal injury lawyer from Butler Kahn for help. You may be entitled to compensation from the airbag or vehicle manufacturer.

Airbag Injuries

A malfunctioning airbag and/or sensor can lead to serious injuries, and potentially death. The speed at which the airbag deploys can cause burns or abrasions. The chemicals that release into the air during deployment and deflation can irritate breathing airways and trigger an asthma attack. The airbag may also cause severe damage to the eyes of either the driver or passenger. If you have medical documentation or other proof related to your airbag injuries, please obtain copies of these to share with your Atlanta airbag accident lawyer during your appointment.

We understand the changes to your life and health that a car accident or airbag malfunction may have caused. Please call Butler Kahn to speak with an airbag accident lawyer in Atlanta for a free starter case evaluation.