Why Contingency Fee Agreements are Good for our Clients

Have a television? Listen to the radio? Drive on any major road in Georgia or elsewhere? Then you have almost certainly seen and/or heard an advertisement for a personal injury lawyer. You probably also know that personal injury lawyers typically get paid if and when they win a case. Such an arrangement is called a contingency fee. Contingency fees are pretty simple: if you win your case, your lawyer gets paid a certain percentage of the winnings; if you don’t win your case, then the lawyer does not get paid.

For some lawyers, the idea of contingency fees may be an untrue marketing gimmick, but Butler Law Firm operates exclusively on a contingency basis. We do not ask you to pay us a penny until the successful resolution of your case, AND we generally pay for expenses need for your case from start to finish. We use contingency fee agreements in all of our cases: truck crashes, car accidents, negligent security, crime victims, and dangerous products cases.

Here is why contingency fees are good for our customers:

  1. Allows injured people to fight big companies and their (even bigger) insurance companies
    If you are coming to us, then you are probably injured. Maybe you aren’t able to work because of your injury. Maybe most of your money is going to pay your medical bills. Maybe you just don’t have money laying around to pay a lawyer. Big companies, though, don’t have to worry about putting food on the table, paying rent or a mortgage, or paying medical bills. In fact, big companies and their insurance companies have teams of lawyers ready and waiting to fight against personal injury cases. This doesn’t seem fair, does it? By using contingency fee agreements, we level the playing field.  Not only do we have the legal ability and perseverance to fight big companies, we give you the financial ability to do it – since you don’t have to pay us until we win for you.
  2. Our clients know we are doing everything we can to win
    Ever hired someone to do an hourly job—maybe a mechanic or handyman? Ever think that person was just wasting your time and wasn’t working hard or fast enough? Maybe you even thought that they found a new “problem” just so they could make even more money from you. We have, and it is one reason we prefer contingency agreements. Our clients never need to question whether we are working in their interests, because very simply, we have the same interests. Our clients only get a recovery if we succeed, and we only get paid if we succeed. From the moment we agree to represent you, you will know we believe in you and your case, and that we will do everything to win for you.

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