How Does Physical Therapist Treatment Work?

For many suffering from back or neck injuries, surgery or medication may be perceived as the only options. However, Physical Therapist treatments have been proven effective for many patients. A Physical Therapist can be a more favorable resource than surgery or medication due to the cost effectiveness of the Physical Therapist, the relatively quick recovery, and the minimal side effects generally associated with Physical Therapists. For those who are interested in exploring Physical Therapist treatment, the following is a general discussion on how the process may work.

Choose a Physical Therapist

When deciding which practice is best for you, consider asking the following questions to prospective Physical Therapists:

  1. How long have you been practicing? This is a general question used to compare experience of Physical Therapists. Although, more experience does not inherently mean better treatment, it may be used to denote competence of competing Physical Therapists.
  2. Will hands be used for the adjustments or will an instrument be required? Some individuals have a personal preference toward one or the other.
  3. Are you familiar with treating conditions similar to mine? Perhaps you are suffering from a herniated disc, ask the Physical Therapist if they have experience treating such conditions and the patient’s response to the treatment.

General Treatment Plans

A good Physical Therapist will generally attempt to treat the pain or injury with as few treatments as possible in order to help the patient recovery quickly such as the physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD locals turn to. Although, various injuries or issues may determine how many visits will be required. The Physical Therapist will try and determine the adjustment techniques that are most appropriate for your body and your condition. These techniques may involve deep, forceful joint manipulation, or even a low force adjustment. Physical Therapists generally spend eight or more years earning their undergraduate and graduate degrees. They are usually highly educated in a wide variety of health related topics. A good Physical Therapist will not only treat you while you’re in the office, but will also provide you with necessary information that may help outside of visits. For example, the Physical Therapist may offer advice on dieting, exercises, or ergonomic tools that may benefit your posture.

Covering the Expenses

Doctors of Physical Therapists are usually considered to be physician-care providers. Although many insurances may partially cover treatment, residual costs may still be too high for individuals. If you are suffering back or neck pain as the result of an injury caused by another individual, you should contact a personal injury attorney. Discuss the case with the attorney; if the other party was negligent in their actions leading to your injury, you may be able to develop a valid personal injury claim which could result in compensation for your Physical Therapist treatment.

Thanks to authors at Pain and Arthritis Center for their insight into Physical Therapy Care.