Injured and Don’t Have Medical Insurance?

Not all personal injury clients are in the same situation when they are injured.

Consider this:

Person A gets rear-ended by a tractor trailer. Person A needs surgery. Person A gets surgery. Person A has health insurance.

Person B gets rear-ended by a tractor trailer. Person B needs surgery. Person B cannot get surgery. Person B does not have health insurance.

… Person A and Person B were sitting next to each other in the back seat of the same car that was rear ended by a tractor trailer.

The fundamental goal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) was health insurance for all. Obamacare took effect at the start of 2014 and required most Americans to have coverage or pay a penalty. Still, according to a recent Gallop poll, more than 1 out of 10 Americans still do not have health insurance. While it is unknown how many people living in the United States (not just Americans) do not have health insurance, the figure is surely higher than 1 out of 10.

The connection between health insurance and personal injury cases is probably obvious: those with health insurance are able to receive medical treatment pursuant to their coverage, and those without health insurance often struggle to afford treatment they need.

So, what do uninsured (or under-insured) folks do when they are injured and need treatment? – they turn to medical funding companies. Haven’t heard of them? Just Google “medical funding lawsuit” and you will see pages and pages of companies (or click here).

Medical funding companies pay for medical treatment that an injured person needs because of an injury that resulted in a lawsuit. Funding companies enable an injured person to receive treatment during the lawsuit, with the company getting repaid when the case is over.

As lawyers who only represents injured folks, some of our clients need to use funding companies. In those cases, we always consider how the presence of a funding company will affect our goal of maximizing the value of each and every case.

Butler Law Firm attorney Mike Rafi recently wrote an article on this topic for Verdict Magazine. In the article, he shared his tips for maximizing the value of a case when a funding company is involved. Please check out “3 Strategies to Fend Off a Funding Attack.”