Are You Allowed to Use Your Cell Phone While Driving

Very often you see the driver in the car next to you looking down at their cell phone  Georgia, like many states, bans drivers from texting while driving. Any person who uses a “wireless telecommunications device” which can include a cell phone, a computer, or an ipad, can be fined $150 and may have a point added to their license.

While drivers are allowed to talk on a cell phone, drivers cannot use the cell phone to write a text message, read a text message, send an email, or send an instant message. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited unless the driver is using the phone to speak.

Drivers who are under the age of 18 cannot use a phone at all. Instructional permits and licenses that are Class D do not give drivers permission to use a phone while driving. School bus drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones while they are driving; that includes both texting and speaking. This cell-phone use ban covers both holding the phone and hand-free use.

Some drivers think it’s acceptable to send a text message or type an email when they’re sitting at red light. That is not acceptable and is illegal. Drivers who have their car engines on and running in the street, cannot send a text message or write an email. Only when the car is legally parked can a driver send a message.

Texting while driving is distracting and it is dangerous. Our firm represents victims of accidents often because the at fault driver was distracted while he was driving. Rather than holding two hands on the steering wheel and looking ahead, the negligent driver was on his phone. Some studies show that any type of cell phone use, even if it is hands-free use, can delay a driver’s reaction time enough so that it is as almost bad as if the driver was driving drunk.

Driving is a privilege. It is a privilege that we learn early on in our driving careers. Just because we don’t have our parents in our cars with us when we start up our cars, it does not excuse us from respecting that privilege. Our accident attorneys represent injured victims against drivers who ignore the driving privilege.