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Your safety is too important to ignore.

We are proud to provide legal assistance to crime victims. Often, the criminal justice system is unable to do what victims need. Maybe the prosecutor won’t bring a case because the evidence is too hard to track down, or maybe the judge won’t order restitution in an amount that compensates victims for what has been lost. Maybe the police are too busy to find the perpetrator, or maybe the case is too old for law enforcement to act. Sometimes the civil justice system can help, and that’s where we come in. Our firm has handled cases for victims of sexual assault, rape, shootings, and other crimes. We believe that our clients need support and an advocate, not indifference and interrogation.

Sexual Assault and Rape

Everyone deserves to feel safe. But when an attacker sexually assaults a victim, that feeling is taken away. We help victims fight back and hold their attackers responsible. Too often, attackers assume that their victims will remain silent. We help victims speak out in the courts and even in Georgia’s legislature. We have represented victims who were sexually assaulted in apartment complexes, school classrooms, and churches by criminals, teachers, and pastors. Many times, sexual assault cases settle confidentially before anyone goes to court. Other times, our clients have chosen to file a sexual assault case and confront their attackers in the court system. Our firm has also fought for victims in the Capitol, where Georgia’s laws are made.  We have gone to the Capitol to push for tougher laws that protect victims of rape and sexual assault, hold attackers accountable, and make it easier for victims to come forward. Victims of sexual assault need help and support, not interrogation and indifference. We’re here to make a difference.

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Premises Liability

Some apartment or hotel owners choose profit over safety and instead of keeping their tenants or guests safe, they skimp on security measures. That allows criminals onto the property. Predictably, the tenants or guests pay the price—they may become victims of shootings, robberies, sexual assault, and other crimes that would have been prevented if the owner had done the right thing. Poor security measures can turn innocent people into victims. When a business knows about dangerous activity and has the ability to stop it, the business should do that. If the business doesn’t, the owner or manager may be held liable if another crime—such as a shooting, robbery, or rape—occurs on the property. The attorneys at Butler Kahn know how to fight back against property owners who break their bargain and fail to provide security. If you or someone you care about has been a victim of a crime that should never have happened, call us or contact us through our website.

Property Security

Everyone needs a safe place to stay. And if you’re a tenant at an apartment complex or a guest at a hotel or other business, you not only need a safe place to stay—you’re paying for one. When you pay your apartment rent or hotel fee, part of what you’re buying is your safety. It’s built into the bargain. The legal term for this concept is “invitee.” When a business invites you onto the property for its own benefit—whether because you’re paying rent, paying a room rate, or buying groceries—Georgia law considers you an “invitee.” McGarity v. Hart Elec. Membership Corp., 307 Ga. App. 739, 742-43 (2011). That means that the business has a duty to take reasonable care for your safety. Id. at 742. Most businesses live up to the bargain—they provide security measures like door locks, road gates, lighting, and security patrols. Their tenants and guests are paying for a safe place to stay, and they’re getting it. Good security helps. But if a business breaks the bargain and exposes tenants or guests to crime and danger, bad things can happen. We have seen cases of shootingsrapessexual assaults, and other violent crimes. If that happens and the property owner or operator was negligent in providing security, victims can bring a negligent security case against the owner or manager.

Lequita Jackson, the firm’s client, stands with Jeb Butler at a press conference at the Capitol about the Hidden Predator Act.

Attorney for Crime Victims

We believe in helping those who need it. We believe that victims of crime deserve help and empowerment, not interrogation and indifference. If you or a loved one has been the victim of crime, call us for a free consultation.