By returning a verdict of $150 million, 99% of which was apportioned against Chrysler, the jury that heard this closing argument held Chrysler responsible for the defective gas tank design that killed Remington Walden.
In this opening statement from a car wreck trial, Butler Law’s attorney describes what it was like to be in the wreck. To highlight something important, it can help to change the cadence of your speech.
An apartment complex should protect its tenants from foreseeable crime. In this case, an apartment complex failed to provide reasonable security measures, and as a result, our client was shot. In this video, we ask the apartment manager HOW MANY violent crimes would have been enough for her company to warn people who lived at the complex.
During this cross examination of a truck company’s vice president, Butler Law proved that this commercial motor carrier had not only failed to check the driving history of its negligent driver, but that if the company had checked his history, the company would not have hired him.
Witnesses can better explain themselves if they have a model or prop to illustrate what they’re saying. At Butler Law, we keep various models and props in our office so that witnesses have the tools they need to make themselves understood. Here a treating physician explains how a collision can cause a serious injury.
At some point in every trial, the unexpected happens. In this Fulton County trial, the defendant decided not to testify–even though the whole ‘defense’ had been that she was sorry for her misconduct. In this video clip from closing arguments, the attorneys at Butler Law address the defendant’s decision.
After a commercial driver decided to drive a company van with a gas gauge that he knew didn’t work, he ran out of gas on Interstate 20 at night. He left his van in the middle of a traffic lane as he walked toward a gas station. Our client could not avoid the dangerously-parked van and was seriously injured when he collided with it. Afterward, the driver of the van claimed that he had put out orange warning cones. In this video clip, our questioning of the investigating police officer shows that the driver of the van was not being truthful.
The facts of this wrongful death case were tragic—a young boy burned to death after the Jeep Grand Cherokee in which he was riding was rearended and burst into flames. The medical examiner, who is featured in this video clip, testified about the cause of death. Here, we used redirect examination to point out the misleading nature of the defense lawyer’s questioning.
In this opening statement from a car wreck trial, Butler Law’s attorney describes what it was like to be in the wreck. To highlight something important, it can help to change the cadence of your speech.
For-trial depositions of representatives of the defendant can become powerful evidence at trial.
After this two-week trucking and product liability trial, when the jury knocked on the door with the verdict, the defendant asked the Court to “wait” before receiving the verdict. The case settled in the next ten minutes for a significant amount that is confidential at the defendant’s request. Click to see our cross-examination of a defense expert.
When a case involves death or catastrophic injury, Butler Law sometimes locates an economist to tell the jury about what has been lost. In this tractor-trailer and product liability trial in Macon, Georgia, we asked our economist to explain his work to the jury.
When a drunk driver slammed into the back of an unsuspecting woman’s car not far from Sandy Springs, sending her and her young daughter to the emergency room, the victims hired Butler Law. We took the case and brought it to trial in the Fulton County courthouse. In this clip, we elicit testimony from the arresting officer about the drunk driver’s intoxication and show a video clip from the arrest to the jury.
When an apartment complex fails to provide security, the trouble starts—often in the form of violence and shooting. When one Atlanta apartment complex failed to provide enough security, an innocent man was shot. He hired Butler Law. When we took his case, we located someone who used to work at the apartment complex and who was willing to come clean. She told the truth about violent crime, shootings, and the danger of living at the complex. She also told the truth about the owner—who was NOT an honest man.
In this premises liability case, Butler Law cross examined a corporate representative of the defendant corporation, RaceTrac, about responsibility.
In this truck accident case, Butler Law traveled to New York to take the deposition of the trucking company’s safety director. This company’s truck had rolled into our client while our client was standing beside his own vehicle, crushing our client between the truck and vehicle. In this deposition, we wanted to take a video deposition that we could play for the jury and eliminate certain ‘defenses’ that the truck company had been making.
Often times, it is difficult to determine who was at fault for a car accident. This is where accident reconstructionists come in. These expert witnesses can play an important role in determining the cause of an accident. Accident Reconstruction experts analyze all of the evidence, including the scene of the accident and the vehicles involved in order to determine who or what may have caused the incident.
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