We have built our firm on the foundation of respect and hard work. Our experiences, backgrounds, and education in and out of the courtroom have taught us what we know. Our focus on personal injury cases and our hard-won track record have enabled us to build our practice upon cases referred to us from other lawyers. We value our relationships with other lawyers who associate us on their serious plaintiffs’ cases, and our referral arrangements reflect that.

A referral from another attorney is the finest compliment we receive. It means they trust us to provide the best representation and they know that we will deliver maximum value.

Our referral philosophy is simple—if you trust us with your client, you deserve to share in our recovery. That is why in compliance with the State Bar of Georgia’s rule we offer generous fee sharing agreements with other lawyers.

If you or your firm would like to discuss a potential case or are interested in building a relationship with Butler Law, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you.  Please feel free to call us at (678) 940-1444 or [email to=”info@butlerfirm.com”]email us[/email] today.

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By returning a verdict of $150 million, 99% of which was apportioned against Chrysler, the jury that heard this closing argument held Chrysler responsible for the defective gas tank design that killed Remington Walden.

In this trucking and product liability case, a tractor-trailer forced a family off the road, where the family’s car rolled over and the car’s roof failed catastrophically. Tragically, the mother of the family was a paralyzed from the neck down. At the trial of the case, we asked our economist to help explain damages to the jury.

After a commercial driver decided to drive a company van with a gas gauge that he knew didn’t work, he ran out of gas on Interstate 20 at night. He left his van in the middle of a traffic lane as he walked toward a gas station. Our client could not avoid the dangerously-parked van and was seriously injured when he collided with it. Afterward, the driver of the van claimed that he had put out orange warning cones. In this video clip, our questioning of the investigating police officer shows that the driver of the van was not being truthful.

A large company allowed one of its drivers to drive a company van for up to a week, even though the van’s gas gauge was broken. The company claimed it did not violate any of its policies in allowing the van on the road.  In this clip, Michael Rafi confronted the company’s Safety Director with its own policy and showed that the company had violated it.

Redirect examination offers an opportunity to point out the flaws in a defense lawyer’s questioning.

For-trial depositions of representatives of the defendant can become powerful evidence at trial.

After this two-week trucking and product liability trial, when the jury knocked on the door with the verdict, the defendant asked the Court to “wait” before receiving the verdict. The case settled in the next ten minutes for a significant amount that is confidential at the defendant’s request. Click to see our cross-examination of a defense expert.

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