FAQs: The Useful Tool That Should Not Be Used Behind the Wheel

Cell phones are a huge topic in today’s society. The majority of us understand just how dangerous using this handy tool while behind the wheel can be for ourselves and others on the road. Those who text, call, email or play a game while operating a vehicle could cause an accident to arise. When it comes to using a cell phone, us humans believe we are better at multitasking with it than we actually are. It only takes less than a second to not notice a red light up ahead or speed unknowingly. The awareness of the dangers associated with using a cell phone while driving has gone up in recent years, as injuries and deaths are happening more frequently.

In the article here, we have answered questions about cell phone use, and what to do if another driver hits you because they were using this electronic device in a distracted manner.

Why do you think cell phones are such a distraction for people?

In a modern world where technology is improving at rapid speed, as humans we are more digitally connected now more than ever. Our cell phones are also a way to entertain ourselves when we are bored through browsing apps, websites or playing games. We use our cell phones as a way to communicate, do work-related tasks, research topics, find directions to our desired destination, and more. In a society where a tool to entertain ourselves is so readily at our fingertips, we may be slowly hindering our ability to be in the moment.

How can someone combat urges to check their phone while in the car?

Someone who has to keep their phone on them at all times due to work or other responsibilities, can still practice safe driving by keeping their phone locked up in the glove compartment. Turn this device off so that you cannot even feel it vibrate. If you hear beeps, alerts or other noises coming from your phone even when stored away, that can still draw your attention from the road ahead of you.

What if I only use my cell phone while at a stop?

This may seem like a relatively safe thing to do at first, but it could still be putting yourself and others in danger. You could be taking your foot slightly off the break and not realize it, or not be able to get away fast enough if a car is headed in your direction recklessly. If you start to use your phone while at a complete stop in traffic or at a red light, you may be tempted to start using it again even when in movement.

If another person hits me because they were on their phone, can I sue?

A distracted driver who was using their cell phone as they hit you can be responsible for your losses related to the accident. If you are considering filing a civil lawsuit against the driver at-fault, then you may want to schedule a consultation with a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI trusts as soon as possible.

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