I made this video to submit for a video scholarship contest in 2018. It was for “Butler Tobin Justice for Victims Scholarship Video Con.” Participants were supposed to create a video displaying how they want to make the world a better place. I made my video about the importance of taking action now rather than waiting until later. It emphasized donating and giving back to those in need. I ended up being Butler Tobin’s first ever winner and won $1000. I really enjoyed every step of creating this project, from the initial planning and writing the script to editing the final product. It was a blast to make and I love the message that was able to come across in a lighthearted way. I believe that film and media are some of the best ways to influence people and get certain messages across to them because you feel more drawn to something once you see it with your own eyes, rather than read about it.

▪ Recognition: Here is the link that recognizes me as the winner for 2018 on their website, along with the video I created: https://butlerfirm.com/2018-butler-law-