We help people and families.

The Butler Law Firm specializes in serious personal injury cases. We accept a smaller number of cases for representation so that we can provide top-tier service and results to every client we represent. We believe that our devotion to customer service is proven in the Google reviews and video reviews that you can find online. Our success is proven by our results, which include a jury verdict of $150,000,000 and settlements well into the millions of dollars.

We are different. Most personal injury law firms take in as many cases as they can and settle them as fast as they can, even if that means settling cases cheaply such that their clients get less than they deserve. That high-volume, low-dollar business model may be good for the law firm's bottom line in the short term, but it is bad for clients. We believe it is also bad for the firm in the long term. If you see a law firm advertise on TV or on a billboard, you can bet that it is one of these high-volume, low-dollar firms.

We offer hard work and top-tier legal services. We have earned a reputation for aggressive, high-quality work in personal injury cases, and that helps our clients in two ways. First, if your case has to go all the way to trial, we will be ready to fight it out and win. Second, if your case settles, you're likely to get a higher settlement with us because our opponents know that we are willing to go the distance.

We also give back. Seriously. Our small law firm has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the people in the world who needed it most. We continue to do that. For more, read about our Giving Project at https://butlerfirm.com/blf-giving-project.

For more about us and what we do, see https://butlerfirm.com.