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Our Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers are available for consultations and meetings at 154 Stone Mountain Street, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045. Our office is located within walking distance from the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center, Gwinnett County’s courthouse.  The courthouse is located at 75 Langley Drive, just half a mile from our office.

Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County

As the city of Lawrenceville continues to expand and grow, it is important to know a personal injury attorney that you can trust. That is especially true as increasing traffic leads to car accidents and the nearness of major highways like Interstate 85 and Georgia 316 leads to tractor-trailer accidents.  Having a firm that is respected by defense law firms and judges makes a difference.  Our Lawrenceville injury lawyers understand the dynamics of a changing city, community, and subsequently, the shifting jury dynamics.  We understand the influx of new people to Gwinnett County, and the new views of the courtroom and the civil justice system that those people bring.

We are not a high-volume firm, like the law firms that you’ve seen on daytime TV or on billboards.  We take only a few cases so we can devote our full attention to the clients we represent.  Clients of the advertising law firms never seem to get case updates, and when they call for updates, can never seem to reach their lawyers.  That isn’t how we do business.  Our clients deserve regular updates, and they get them.  When our clients call with questions, we take the time to give answers—that’s what we were hired to do.

We could tell you more about ourselves, but our clients say it best.

Lawrenceville Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can change your life in a flash.  The people at Gwinnett Medical Center are good, but they can’t fix everything.  Serious injuries result in pain, suffering, and costly expenses. Neck, back, and spinal injuries are common. Death can shatter a family and leave people feeling lost. It is crucial you have a personal injury attorney who is there to help you through your recovery process, and who you can rely on for sound advice. Our Lawrenceville car accident attorneys understand what it means to be there for their clients. We deliver top-caliber service to the men, women, and children we have the honor of helping.

We understand auto insurance, and we know the tricks that insurance companies use to get out of paying the amount that they should.  For instance, we know that insurance companies frequently try to record people who have been hurt in hopes of getting something that the insurance company can use against them later, and we know that insurance adjusters sometimes pretend to be an injured person’s friend when what they really want to do is pay as little as possible.  We pursue liability insurance policies, UM insurance policies, and resident relative polices—and we often find insurance that our clients didn’t even know they had.

Lawrenceville Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are different than car accidents for a few reasons.  First, they tend to have different results.  Tractor-trailers, box trucks, and other commercial vehicles are larger than other cars on the road, so the injuries caused in trucking accidents tend to be more severe.  When a tractor-trailer weighing 80,000 pounds collides with a car that weighs 5,000 pounds, the car is not a good place to be.

Second, they’re different from a legal perspective.  Our firm has handled many truck accident cases, and the trucking company often tries to convince the judge that while the truck driver is responsible, the trucking company is not.  That argument is almost always wrong, both because the truck company has often hired or failed to train a dangerous driver, and because the truck company is liable under the doctrines of “vicarious liability” or “respondeat superior.”  We have confronted this issue, written briefs on it, and gotten trucking companies to admit that they were responsible.

A truck accident lawyer knows to investigate not only the collision, but the truck driver.  In this deposition, we cross-examined the vice president of the commercial truck company—and look what he admitted in the end.

Although trucking companies usually deny responsibility at the beginning, cross examining the truck company owner—like in this video clip—sometimes straightens things out.

Wrongful Death Lawyer for Lawrenceville & Gwinnett County

Nothing changes a family more drastically than the death of a family member.  If you have come to this webpage looking for information about the wrongful death of a loved one, we are sorry for your loss.  We first offer our sympathy and condolences.

You probably came to this page seeking information about Georgia wrongful death law.  Although no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, taking action after a wrongful death can bring about change and stop the problem from happening again.  Funds from a case can help to make ends meet after someone who supported his or her family has been killed, and that income has been lost.  Our firm handles wrongful death cases.  Our results include a jury verdict of $150,000,000 and many settlements.

Here are a few bullet points that cover the basics of Georgia wrongful death law.

  • > If a person is killed by the negligence or misconduct of a person or company in Georgia, the family of the deceased person typically brings two related, but different, types of claims: (1) a wrongful death claim, and (2) an estate claim.
  • > The time in which these claims must be brought varies, but generally, the time limit or “statute of limitations” is two years.  In different types of wrongful death cases, that can be longer (as when there was or could have been a criminal prosecution) or shorter (as when a government entity is at fault).
  • > Under Georgia law, the wrongful death claim is brought for the “full value of the life” of the person who died.
  • > Georgia courts measure the “full value of the life” from the point of view of the deceased.
  • > The “full value of the life” has two parts: (1) an intangible part, which includes time spent with family and friends, and (2) a tangible part, which includes the money the deceased would have earned and the household services that he or she would have performed.
  • > The wrongful death claim is brought by the deceased’s family.  Georgia law is specific about who brings the claim and who is entitled to the compensation, as explained on our wrongful death page.
  • > The person bringing a wrongful death claim under Georgia law does not have to be the Administrator of the deceased’s estate.
  • > The estate claim is brought for different types of damages, such as the pain and suffering experienced by the deceased and funeral expenses.
  • > The estate claim is brought by the Administrator of the estate.

For more detailed information about Georgia wrongful death law and how it may apply to you and your family, please see our Wrongful Death FAQ page.  Although most of the wrongful death lawsuits we see arise from car accidents, truck accidents, shootings, or motorcycle accidents, the world can be a dangerous place and unfortunately, lives can be lost in a number of ways.  If we can answer questions for you, don’t hesitate to call.

Sexual Assault and Rape Lawyer for Lawrenceville & Gwinnett County

Sexual assault and rape cases are intensely personal.  Most victims struggle with whether to come forward or whether to keep quiet.  On the one hand, victims wish it had never happened, wish they could forget it, and wonder if they did something wrong.  On the other, victims want to keep their attacker from victimizing anyone else, and want to see their attacker held responsible for his (or her) acts.  Victims wonder if they are alone, or if the attacker has done this before (or since).  Deciding whether to come forward is a very hard, very personal decision.

It is an incredibly difficult situation.  It is also incredibly unfair, since the victim didn’t choose for this to happen, but has to deal with it anyway.

We have been honored to represent victims of sexual assaults and rapes, and we continue to do so.  If a victim chooses to contact us, we respect his or her wishes—whatever they are.  Many victims want to handle the situation as quietly and privately as possible.  Others want to file a case and take the attacker to court.  Either way, our job is to support our client, give her or him a voice, and help to fight back against the attacker.

Unfortunately, sexual assaults and rapes can happen in many different contexts.  If the security measures at an apartment or hotel were not what they should have been, and that lax security allowed an attacker or rapist to enter the apartment or hotel and commit the crime, the owners and operators of the apartment or hotel may bear responsibility.  We have handled sexual assault and rape cases in the context of churches, schools, medical treatment facilities, and landlord-tenant relationships.  There is no excuse for sexual assault or rape, anywhere or anytime.

For more information about sexual assault and rape cases, see our Sexual Assault and Rape FAQ.

Butler Law Firm in Lawrenceville & Gwinnett County

Lawrenceville is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. Located in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville is home to the Gwinnett Braves, Georgia Gwinnett College, and the Aurora Theatre.  Nearby cities include Duluth, Norcross, Buford, Snellville, Lilburn, and Suwanee.

It is relatively close to the University of Georgia, where our Lawrenceville injury lawyers graduated from law school.  Lawrenceville is also home to an excellent hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center, and the spacious Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Center where the county’s courts are located.  Gwinnett residents are fortunate to have excellent judges presiding over cases.

This video shows the exterior of our office in Lawrenceville, GA.

This video shows the interior of our office in Lawrenceville, GA.

Jeb Butler and Darren Tobin with a happy client after a successful car accident trial in the State Court of Gwinnett County, which is based in Lawrenceville.

The Gwinnett County Justice Center at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville GA is a large, modern courthouse with plenty of space and modern amenities.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Action

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, it doesn’t hurt to see him or her in action.  Below are a few video clips of our trial lawyers trying cases to juries or taking depositions to use at trial.

This closing argument clip comes from a wrongful death car accident case in which a young boy lost his life.  The jury returned a verdict of $150 million.

Lots of people claim to believe in personal responsibility . . . but you have to ask the right questions to get the real answer.

In this car accident trial in Atlanta GA, our client was sitting at a traffic light when her car was struck in the rear by a drunk driver—while her two-year-old daughter was in the back seat.  During opening statements, we described the wreck to the jury.

If We Aren’t the Right Fit, We’ll Find a Lawyer Who Is

Our Lawrenceville injury attorneys are experienced in handling motor vehicle collisions, helping crime victims, and fighting back against dangerous products. If you or a loved one has been harmed and need a personal injury lawyer in Gwinnett County, talk with us to see if we are a good fit for you. If we aren’t the right fit for your particular case, we’ll share with you the names of other good Lawrenceville injury lawyers we recommend.

Lawrenceville Office

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Lawrenceville & Gwinnett County News Updates

On September 8th, a man was hit by a car while crossing a road in Gwinnett County. Anthony Davis (21) was killed while crossing Stone Mountain Highway west of the intersection with Killian Hill Road. He was trying to cross around 9:45am when Ocativa Gales (19) struck him. Davis was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries. Police are still investigating the incident.

On Tuesday, a man was arrested for backing his car into a woman. Christopher Dale Bruner (36) was taken into custody in Gwinnett County after he backed his vehicle into a woman and drove off. The woman was putting air in the tires on the passenger side of her car when she was hit. She has some severe injuries and is being treated for those.

On Tuesday, Isaiah Pretlow pleaded guilty for killing a Gwinnett County police officer. Officer Antwon Toney was killed nearly one year ago in a manhunt.

A Gwinnett County woman was killed while chasing a hit-and-run driver. Munsha Shekhani, 23 was rear-ended at a stop light on Steve Reynolds Boulevard. The vehicle that hit her is a white model SUV or pickup truck. The truck sped away and she followed trying to get the license plate number, however, she was hit during the chase. Police are still investigating the case and are asking for the public to help if they have any information on the incident.

GDOT is advising drivers to avoid the roundabout paving in Peachtree Corners.Drivers should consider taking alternative routes and/or use caution when traveling through the construction zone.

Atlanta hotel employees supposedly helped sex traffickers avoid the police. Four young women have come forward and are suing hotel chains where they were forced to perform sex acts for money. The women claim that the traffickers gave the hotel employees a cut of the profits in exchange for their silence. The hotel employees and management are currently being investigated. They are accused of ignoring signs and lying to police.

On August 21st, two men forced their way into an apartment and raped and murdered a college student. The two men broke into a Vista Adams Apartment in 1000 block of Delowe Drive in southwest Atlanta around 6am on the 21st. The men raped 21-year-old college student and killed her. Anthony Laquan Gross (28) and Roy Hill (18) were charged with felony and murder.

On August 22nd, street sweepers found a body along Arthur Langford Parkway. The body was identified as young father, Benjamin Watts (28) who hit and killed. Police say his injuries are consistent with being hit by a car and they are still investigating the case.

Gwinnett County Firefighters responded to a fire that they believe was started by an insect repellent candle. Around 7:25 a.m., firefighters responded to a call on Downing Street in Lawrenceville. The fire started in a patch of grass and quickly consumed nearby trees, but by the time rescuers came to the scene, it had upgraded to a multi-family dwelling. The fire spread into a two-story duplex. One individual was injured, but is recovering. Investigators have not determined the fire’s cause, but believe it may have been a bug repellent candle.

On August 20th, police responded to two armed robbery suspects who were shot at when they attempted to break into a home.  Around 3:45 am, officers were dispatched to 3177 Terrace Court and were told by a resident that two males had broken into his home and so he shot them. He thought one suspect was probably hit twice, but he immediately took off. The other suspect was arrested and taken into custody. Local hospitals were notified of the incident and to be on the lookout for a gunshot victim.

On August 13th, a 12-year-old was struck by a van while crossing an intersection. Witnesses say the 12-year-old boy hit the button to cross a busy intersection at South Norcross Tucker Road in Gwinnett County. The lights began to flash and he started to cross when a van suddenly hit him. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital and has severe injuries, even struggling to remember what happened, but the doctors expect him to recover. The driver is facing serious charges.

Gwinnett County police found a 2-year-old missing girl, shortly after asking the public for help this past Tuesday. The girl was found wandering naked in the surrounding Sweetwater Apartment Complex at 3400 Sweetwater Road in Lawrenceville. The little girl’s 12-year-old sister was in the home and fell asleep while watching T.V. around 6 or 7 p.m., which is when the little girl walked out of  the back patio door. The girl has been reunited with her family and no one has been charged.

Last Friday, a middle school student accidentally shot another student with a pellet gun. A Creekland Middle School student was showing off his pellet gun in the classroom when it accidentally discharged. The pellet ricocheted off the wall and hit another student, who was not severly injured. Parents were informed of the incident and the student will be facing disciplinary actions.

Two weeks ago, Samantha Dickson (33) was charged with failure to yield after hitting a man on a motorcycle. Now, she’s being charged with vehicular homicide as well after the 24-year-old Lawrenceville motorcyclist passed away. According to the incident report, Dickson was turning left onto Lakes Parkway around 7:30pm when she hit the motorcyclist.

On Wednesday morning, 31-year-old Jonathan Glass was hit by a passing car around 1:30am. Glass was attempting to cross the intersection between McGinnis Ferry Road and Northolt Parkway when he was hit by a vehicle. The driver cooperated with police and Glass was declared dead at the scene. Police are still looking for any witnesses to the incident.

Gwinnett County police have finally released footage from a surveillance video of a hotel shooting that occurred earlier this year. The shooting took place at a Days Inn on Glenn Club Drive earlier in January. When police came to the scene, they found 28-year-old Ronald Horton Jr. shot on the second floor of the hotel.Through the videos, police are looking to identify 3 suspects who are responsible for Horton’s death.

An apartment fire in Gwinnett County leaves 19 people displaced.On Thursday evening a fire broke out at an apartment located at Bridge Water Apartments. The fire was said to have started around 7:14pm. The apartment attic was in flames and breaking through the roof. 19 people have since been relocated; no was injured. Police are still investigating the source and cause of the fire.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office is under scrutiny after a meeting this week regarding immigration law. The proposed 287g program, if put into effect, would allow the Sheriff’s office to enforce federal immigration law in Gwinnett. The auditorium was packed and many immigrants rights group were upset because a well known member and founder of the Dustin Inman Society, which is considered a hate group, was a panelist.

On Monday, Gwinnett County police said they are on the lookout for two suspects accused of breaking into cars at parks and stealing credit cards. The incident has been going on for a few weeks now. The suspects smash car windows and find hidden credit cards in the vehicles. They’ve used several already. Most recently, they broke into a vehicle at Collins Hill Park and another at Lenora Park. Anyone with information can call detectives at 770-513-5300.

The intersection of Highway 78 and 124 in Gwinnett County is officially opened up and has had a major traffic shift. Crews have been working on this intersection for some time now and it recently opened up this week. The new design is supposed to increase the number of vehicles that can move through the busy intersection. It should save drivers time and decrease morning rush hour.

A Gwinnett County man has been accused of scamming a woman of more than $100k. 37-year-old Franklin Efijemueh was arrested Wednesday on three counts of wire fraud.

A motorcyclist was killed after a car hit him at an intersection this past Wednesday. 24 year-old Devaughn Jones of Lawrenceville died on Wednesday afternoon. He was riding a 2008 Honda heading eastbound on GA 120 when he was struck. The at-fault-driver, Samantha Dickson, (age 33), was traveling in the opposite direction in her 2014 Kia Sportage. According to Dickson, she stopped at the intersection of Lakes Parkway and was waiting to take a left turn. She claimed there was a glare as the sun set and didn’t see any cars coming when she chose to turn. Jones died on impact.

On Saturday, July 20th, Gwinnett Police were dispatched to Lexington Drive in Lawrenceville after receiving a call from a concerned sister. Ray Neal’s (age 61) sister had gone to his house after he wasn’t picking up her phone calls. Neal’s sister told officers that she last saw Neal on Friday after she dropped him off at home. However, when she went back to check in on him, there was a large amount of blood on the bed and bathroom walls. Police are now treating the death as a homicide, especially after a funeral home inspector conducted his own examination of the body and concluded that there was a struggle.

Just before midnight on Saturday, police responded to a hit and run that left a man dead in Norcross. The man was identified as 38-year-old Kevin Brown. He was lying on the road unresponsive when officers came to the scene. Eye-witnesses indicated that the vehicle that hit Brown was a 2013-2015 Nissan Sentra of an unknown color. Anyone with information is asked to call or text authorities at 404-577-8477.

On Monday, July 15, a man stumbled into a local restaurant claiming that he was shot.  The victim told the responding officers that he was shot at an apartment complex on Country Walk in Snellville. He was immediately transported to a local hospital and is being treated for his injuries. He later identified the shooter as Malcome Gilead, age 30. Gilead has three active warrants for his arrest:  for aggravated assault, possession of a firearm while being a felon, and cruelty to children.

On Tuesday, July 16, Savion Dillard and Denzel Wilburn  of Gwinnett County were arrested in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Dillard is to be extradited back to Georgia for robbery and murder in Buford. He and his accomplice, Wilburn, traveled to rob an individual who was selling marijuana. The meeting turned into an altercation where Dillard ended up shooting and killing the victim and both suspects drove away. Wilburn was arrested in Georgia, but Dillard escaped until his arrest earlier this week.

On Sunday, a crash between a car and a motorcycle left one person dead. Around 9 PM, officers were dispatched to an accident on Dickens Road near Pepperwood Trail in Lilburn.  The driver of the motorcycle was Josa Then-Valenzuela (age 27).  Based on the preliminary investigation, Josa was traveling westbound on Dickens Road passing in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed.  As he crossed into oncoming traffic, he collided into a blue Toyota. The driver of the car was turning left off Pepperwood Trail onto Dickens Road when the collision occurred. Police are still looking into the case. Josa Then-Valenzuela was ejected off his motorcycle and died.

A Gwinnett County woman accidentally drove her car into a restaurant.  The driver confused the gas for the brake and drove through a wall into Rico’s World Kitchen around 4 p.m. The car didn’t hit anyone,  but one employee’s foot was injured by flying debris.The employee refused ambulance transport and had a family member bring her to the hospital for treatment. The driver was a  woman in her mid-60s, was not charged with any offense and she was not seriously injured.

The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to  widen Scenic Highway from Highway 78 to Sugarloaf Parkway. GDOT wants citizens living and working in the area to consider how the project will impact environmental, economic and social concerns. They’ve offered Snellville residents to voice their questions and concerns at this time to brainstorm the best course of action.


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“Jeb and his team are extremely attentive. I was well informed throughout my entire legal process which helped me feel very comfortable. You’ll not find a more caring law team then Butler Law Firm.”

Dakota Patterson
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