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Our Lawrenceville injury lawyers are available for consultations and meetings at 154 Stone Mountain Street, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045. Our office is located within walking distance from the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center, Gwinnett County’s courthouse.  The courthouse is located at 75 Langley Drive, just half a mile from our office.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County

As the city of Lawrenceville continues to expand and grow, it is important to know a personal injury attorney that you can trust. That is especially true as increasing traffic leads to car accidents and the nearness of major highways like Interstate 85 and Georgia 316 leads to tractor-trailer accidents.  Having a firm that is respected by defense law firms and judges makes a difference.  Our Lawrenceville injury lawyers understand the dynamics of a changing city, community, and subsequently, the shifting jury dynamics.  We understand the influx of new people to Gwinnett County, and the new views of the courtroom and the civil justice system that those people bring.

We could tell you more about ourselves, but our clients say it best.

Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County

Lawrenceville is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. Located in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville is home to the Gwinnett Braves, Georgia Gwinnett College, and the Aurora Theatre.  Nearby cities include Duluth, Norcross, Buford, Snellville, Lilburn, and Suwanee.

It is relatively close to the University of Georgia, where our Lawrenceville injury lawyers graduated from law school.  Lawrenceville is also home to an excellent hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center, and the spacious Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Center where the county’s courts are located.  Gwinnett residents are fortunate to have excellent judges presiding over cases.

Jeb Butler with a happy client after a successful car accident trial in the State Court of Gwinnett County, which is based in Lawrenceville.

The Gwinnett County Justice Center at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville GA is a large, modern courthouse with plenty of space and modern amenities.


Personal Injury Lawyers in Action

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, it doesn’t hurt to see him or her in action!  Below are a few video clips of our trial lawyers trying cases to juries or taking depositions to use at trial.

This closing argument clip comes from a wrongful death car accident case in which a young boy lost his life.  The jury returned a verdict of $150 million.

When terrorists overseas used a large commercial truck to attack a crowd, news reporters called our firm for expert analysis of the truck.

In this car accident trial in Atlanta GA, our client was sitting at a traffic light when her car was struck in the rear by a drunk driver—while her two-year-old daughter was in the back seat.  During opening statements, we described the wreck to the jury.


Lawrenceville Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can change your life in a flash.  Serious injuries result in pain, suffering, and costly expenses. Neck, back, and spinal injuries are common. Death can shatter a family and leave people feeling lost. It is crucial you have a personal injury attorney who is there to help you through your recovery process, and who you can rely on for sound advice. Our Lawrenceville car accident attorneys understand what it means to be there for their clients. We deliver top-caliber service to the men, women, and children we have the honor of helping.

We understand auto insurance, and we know the tricks that insurance companies use to get out of paying the amount that they should.  For instance, we know that insurance companies frequently try to record people who have been hurt in hopes of getting something that the insurance company can use against them later, and we know that insurance adjusters sometimes pretend to be an injured person’s friend when what they really want to do is pay as little as possible.  We pursue liability insurance policies, UM insurance policies, and resident relative polices—and we often find insurance that our clients didn’t even know they had.


Lawrenceville Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are different than car accidents for a few reasons.  First, they tend to have different results.  Tractor-trailers, box trucks, and other commercial vehicles are larger than other cars on the road, so the injuries caused in trucking accidents tend to be more severe.  When a tractor-trailer weighing 80,000 pounds collides with a car that weighs 5,000 pounds, the car is not a good place to be.

Second, they’re different from a legal perspective.  Our firm has handled many truck accident cases, and the trucking company often tries to convince the judge that while the truck driver is responsible, the trucking company is not.  That argument is almost always wrong, both because the truck company has often hired or failed to train a dangerous driver, and because the truck company is liable under the doctrines of “vicarious liability” or “respondeat superior.”  We have confronted this issue, written briefs on it, and gotten trucking companies to admit that they were responsible.

A truck accident lawyer knows to investigate not only the collision, but the truck driver.  In this deposition, we cross-examined the vice president of the commercial truck company—and look what he admitted in the end.

Although trucking companies usually deny responsibility at the beginning, cross examining the truck company owner—like in this video clip—sometimes straightens things out.


If We Aren’t the Right Fit, We’ll Find a Lawyer Who Is

Our Lawrenceville injury attorneys are experienced in handling motor vehicle collisions, helping crime victims, and fighting back against dangerous products. If you or a loved one has been harmed and need a personal injury lawyer in Gwinnett County, talk with us to see if we are a good fit for you. If we aren’t the right fit for your particular case, we’ll share with you the names of other good Lawrenceville injury lawyers we recommend.

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Gwinnett County News Updates

On Sunday, a crash between a car and a motorcycle left one person dead. Around 9 PM, officers were dispatched to an accident on Dickens Road near Pepperwood Trail in Lilburn.  The driver of the motorcycle was Josa Then-Valenzuela (age 27).  Based on the preliminary investigation, Josa was traveling westbound on Dickens Road passing in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed.  As he crossed into oncoming traffic, he collided into a blue Toyota. The driver of the car was turning left off Pepperwood Trail onto Dickens Road when the collision occurred. Police are still looking into the case. Josa Then-Valenzuela was ejected off his motorcycle and died.

A Gwinnett County woman accidentally drove her car into a restaurant.  The driver confused the gas for the brake and drove through a wall into Rico’s World Kitchen around 4 p.m. The car didn’t hit anyone,  but one employee’s foot was injured by flying debris.The employee refused ambulance transport and had a family member bring her to the hospital for treatment. The driver was a  woman in her mid-60s, was not charged with any offense and she was not seriously injured.

The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to  widen Scenic Highway from Highway 78 to Sugarloaf Parkway. GDOT wants citizens living and working in the area to consider how the project will impact environmental, economic and social concerns. They’ve offered Snellville residents to voice their questions and concerns at this time to brainstorm the best course of action.

A man was jogging at Graves Park around 7 a.m. on July 2nd when he was stabbed. The victim told the police he was running and was approached by two men on the park’s trial. The men blocked him and pulled out knives and demanded his wallet and phone. The victim gave the items over, but not before he was stabbed in the leg. The victim was able to follow the men to where they had parked their car and drove off. The victim is being treated for his injuries and police are still looking for the two suspects.

Police were able to find a missing Gwinnett County man just this week. Curien Williams, 21,  was last seen around 10:30 a.m. on June 29 at his home on Arbor Drive near Duluth. He was taking out the trash but didn’t return. Since then, he didn’t respond to any phone calls or text messages from friends and family. MARTA police identified Williams and reunited him with his family. The details of his disappearance are currently  being kept private.

Gwinnett County Police arrested 21-year-old Denzel Wilburn on Monday for the murder of a 15-year-old. Wilburn drove the getaway car after Braden Gerena was shot and killed outside of a gas station on Thompson Mill Road.

Police found the remains  of Jessica Ashley Manchini, 29, along I-985 three years ago, however just this week they were able to identify the victim. Manchini went missing years ago and her family was convinced she was murdered. Three years ago, Gwinnett County police identified some human remains stashed in a suitcase along I-985. Using new technology to identify fragments left along the suitcase, police and detectives were able to identify who the bones finally belonged to.

On June 25th, one individual was arrested and six others detained following a major raid in Gwinnett County. In the home, police found  an AK-47 assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and a handgun, as well as meth and marijuana. Officers were receiving multi tips from neighbors for weeks before they finally got a warrant to search the home on Johnson Street in Lawrenceville.

On June 23rd, a passenger was killed when turning into a Gwinnett County Kroger shopping complex. The vehicle was turning from the westbound lanes of Atlanta Highway into the Kroger at the intersection with Rosebud Road and was T-boned by another vehicle headed east.  The passenger, 38-year-old Rochelle Vinson of Monroe, was found dead at the scene. The driver and the at-fault driver were also taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Police think speed and alcohol might be possible contributing factors in the accident.

Police arrested a suspect in a Gwinnett County sexual assault case after finding him in Florida. Elvin Virgilio Yanez-Amaya, 27, has been charged with two counts each of aggravated assault and one count each of aggravated sodomy and criminal attempt to commit aggravated sodomy in connection with an incident that occurred in April of this year. Police arrested Yanez in Florida for another crime. It is still not clear when he will face the charges against him in Gwinnett County.

On the evening of June 19th, two kids were killed in a car crash involving several vehicles. The crash happened on Steve Reynolds Boulevard near Windward Lane in Norcross just after 10 p.m. 28-year-old Cindy Catalan-Ordonez was responsible for the crash. Vincent Kim, 8, and Kristin Kim, 14, were both passengers in the car that was struck head-on and collided with two other vehicles; both kids passed away.  A total of eight people were taken to local hospitals, including the driver. Police said speed was a factor in the crash and they are still investigating the crash.

Two years ago, footage of two Gwinnett County police officers punching and kicking a driver went viral. Former Gwinnett County police officer, Michael Bongiovanni entered a plea deal on Wednesday without admitting guilt. Officer Bongiovanni and Robert McDonald were immediately fired from the department after they were seen to assault and attack a handcuffed driver. Bongiovanni’a attorney said the former cop took the plea to avoid prison time, however, a few locals are upset by this. The victim is still considering pressing civil charges. 

On June 11th, Georgia State Patrol and GBI agents caught three suspects transporting more than $200,000 worth of marijuana. Three men from Charlotte, North Carolina, were arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana: Phetprasong Souriyo, 34, Brandy Souriyo, 28, and Somphone Thongkhamdy, 30. The men were caught and pulled over during a traffic stop in Gwinnett County near the Hamilton Mill Road exit on I-85 South. Officers photographed the 70 pounds of marijuana they collected from the vehicle. 

Operation Cat Call was launched after an influx of stolen catalytic converters were reported stolen from numerous vehicles in Gwinnett County. The operation led to the arrest of four local men.  An officer stated they were able to catch the men because Georgia law requires buyers to purchase the car part electronically and requires them to ask the seller for proper documentation. And the four men caught in the sting were trying to purchase the catalytic converters with cash.

Gwinnett County police are investigating a murder/suicide at Preston Hills apartment complex on Buford Drive. On Monday June 3rd, police were called to the apartment complex by concerned relatives after they didn’t  hear from one of the victims for two days and requested a welfare check. When officers arrived at the apartment, they found the bodies of 40-year-old Jamaya Morris and 39-year-old Lachica Ringwoos. Investigators will say the two were in a relationship with each other and it is still unclear who shot who.

A Gwinnett County man was charged with a hit-and-run felony. Christian Anthony Kell Myler, 22, of Peachtree Corners, was booked into the Gwinnett Detention Center  on a charge of felony hit-and-run. Myler was driving a red 2017 Hyundai Sonata when the collision took place that injured Maliqua Johnson. The collision happened on Holcomb Bridge Road near Crooked Creek Road near Peachtree Corners. Police said Johnson, 28, of Smyrna, was crossing the road outside a crosswalk when she was hit by a southbound vehicle. The driver left the scene without helping the woman or calling 911. Johnson sustained severe life-threatening injuries and her status is still unknown.

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