Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Brookhaven GA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Brookhaven GAMotorcycle Accident Lawyer Brookhaven GA


A motorcycle accident lawyer in Brookhaven, GA at Butler Law Firm has been dedicated to fighting for the rights of motorcyclists who were victims of negligent drivers. Motorcycle accidents tend to result in significant and life-altering injuries for the rider. When the fault of the accident lays with another driver, that driver and their insurance carrier often deny responsibility to elude paying out for the biker’s damages. Even if the insurance company agrees to pay a settlement, it is often far less than fair and they will delay as long as possible in delivering the check. We have seen these scenarios unfold time and time again.


When our Brookhaven, GA motorcycle accident lawyer steps in to represent the victim, the outlook often changes quickly. Our reputation as aggressive fighters is often enough to level the playing field. In fact, we’ve had significant success in securing the maximum possible settlement on behalf of our injured clients. Find out if we can help you too by scheduling a free consultation at your earliest convenience.


The Importance of Gear

Wear quality protective gear. Assume that at some point you’ll have to lay your bike down and dress accordingly. Consider it a wise investment to purchase a protective coat, chaps, and proper footwear. Never ride barefoot. And keep the top of your head covered too with a DOT-approved helmet which should be replaced as the manufacturer suggests because the materials will break down over time.


Preventing Accidents

It’s not always practical or possible to completely avoid accidents, especially when you can’t control the actions of other drivers. However, bikers can minimize their risks so they are less likely to ever need a GA motorcycle accident lawyer for assistance when recovering their damages from negligent drivers. So if you can’t control others on the road, how can you keep them from colliding with your motorcycle? Read on.


  • Perform regular maintenance on your motorcycle to keep it in top operating condition.
  • If the brakes are unreliable, you’ll be less likely to slow or stop in time when a careless driver cuts you off.
  • Replace the tires when they begin to wear, and do not try to get the last miles out of them. Without proper tread you’re less likely to get good traction on wet pavement, or roads that have loose gravel, leaves, and other debris.
  • Even if you primarily use hand signals, make sure your blinkers are in good working order. At night, other drivers are less likely to see your hands but blinkers may get their attention.
  • Make sure the engine is reliable, the steering is tight, and your bike’s reflectors are not cracked or broken.


Defensive Motorcycle Riding

Drive defensively. This is key, and may be a strategy you already use but consider taking it up a notch by enrolling in a motorcycle defensive driving class. By anticipating what reckless and careless drivers may do, their negligent actions are less likely to result in you getting hurt. While it’s true that their negligence can make you the winner in a courtroom, make every effort to avoid having to hire a Brookhaven motorcycle accident lawyer to prove why you are not responsible for causing your catastrophic injuries.


If you were hurt in an accident caused by someone else, contact Butler Law Firm for a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer based in Brookhaven, GA.