Common Types of Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

There are any number of reasons that you might get into an accident as a pedestrian and need to contact a personal injury law firm Georgia residents rely on such as Butler Kahn. You may be walking down the road when all of a sudden a car comes out of nowhere and hits you without warning. This can be severely traumatizing to you emotionally and physically. Your first thoughts are likely wondering what just happened and whether you are okay. As your thoughts shift and you look around to determine if the person who hit you is still there, you may temporarily forget that you are in pain and not realize that your injuries are serious.

The lawyers at Butler Kahn want to ensure that you get compensated for injuries you sustain after a pedestrian accident. While it is common to not feel your injuries while your body is in shock, there are many injuries you may suffer from as a pedestrian in an accident.

Upper-Body Injuries

A Georgia personal injury lawyer that residents here turn to understands that upper-body injuries are extremely common to suffer from when it comes to pedestrian injuries. These types of injuries can be your shoulders, your arms, and your hands. Especially with shoulder injuries (such as a torn rotator cuff), you may find that your range of motion is significantly more limited and you are in a great deal of pain. You may not even realize that you are in this kind of pain if you are in shock. Shoulder injuries like this can take a long time to heal and may require that you visit a physical therapist to ensure that you heal properly.

Lower-Body Injuries

When you are hit by a car, you are more likely to suffer from lower-body injuries because this is probably where the car hit you: the bumper likely came into contact with your hip or knee area when it initially hit you in addition to any further damage you may sustain after you hit the rest of the car or landed on the ground. Because of this impact, you probably have some kind of broken or fractured bone in your leg, though pelvic injuries are also not uncommon. Pelvic injuries can be extremely hard to recover from and you may need many hours of recovery, surgery, and physical therapy to help you re-learn to walk. If this is something you recently endured, then please contact the Butler Kahn personal injury law firm today.

Head and Neck Injuries

Some of the most severe injuries you may face as a pedestrian being hit by a car are head and neck injuries. If you are thrown from the scene of the accident, your neck may snap back and forth and your head may hit the ground very hard. When you experience neck injuries, these injuries could cause permanent nerve damage or even death. Many people also experience traumatic brain injuries that may not present with symptoms immediately, which is why it is imperative you seek medical help as soon as you can. Keep copies of medical documentation and share this with a lawyer at Butler Kahn.

If you were a pedestrian in a car accident and are looking for an attorney to help you with your claim, please contact Butler Kahn, your local personal injury law firm, to see how we can help you.

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