Should I call my insurance company after a Georgia car accident?

It isn’t a bad idea to do this—but if you do, be careful. If you prefer, a lawyer can do this for you.

Many people believe that after they’ve been in a car accident, their own insurance company will be their friend. Insurance companies’ advertisements and commercials suggest that telling people that they’ll be “in good hands,” will get top-quality service from a nice woman named Flo, or will speak with a peppy green lizard with a British accent.

That’s rarely true. Often, your own insurance company works against you. Most insurance companies are more worried about protecting their own bottom lines by making sure that they don’t have to pay any UM insurance money to you (even though you may have been paying premiums to them for years). Since your insurance company won’t have to pay UM money if you were at fault, your own insurance company may try to argue that you caused the collision. Since your insurance company won’t have to pay as much if the injuries weren’t serious, your own insurance company may try to argue that you weren’t hurt very badly. To do those things, the insurance company may record what you say over the phone and try to use it against you later. So be careful.

Having said all of that, the fine print of many insurance policies says that if you don’t notify your own insurance company relatively quickly after a car accident, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay you. So it’s usually a good idea for the insurance company to be notified. You can do that yourself or, if you decide to hire a lawyer, your lawyer can do it for you. Good Georgia automotive accident lawyers notify insurance companies immediately as a matter of course and have pre-written letters ready to be sent so that the insurance company will be promptly notified in writing.

Our client’s doctor explains the low back injury caused by the car accident.

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