Yes. Our firm has handled such cases successfully in the past, including a $150 million verdict and a $2.95 million settlement.

The jury that heard our closing argument in the video clip below returned a verdict of $150,000,000.

Truck accidents and car accidents continue to claim the lives of thousands of Americans per year. For decades, the rate of fatalities per mile driven was going down, but then it began going up again.  Nobody is sure why, but the uptick in deaths on American roads could be related to smartphones, texting and driving, or other types of distracted driving.

When you speak to a lawyer about a wrongful death case arising from a car accident or truck accident, be sure your lawyer is ready to explore all possible paths to recovery. Almost any lawyer can settle a wrongful death car or truck accident case for the insurance limits of the at-fault driver, but that is almost never enough to compensate for the “full value of the life,” as Georgia’s Wrongful Death Act requires. Good lawyers look at other options as well. Was the vehicle safely designed, or should it have protected the decedent better? Was the roadway properly maintained?  Was the at-fault driver working in the course and scope of employment for a company or business that could be vicariously liable or liable under the doctrine of respondeat superior?

We explore those options for our clients.