Deposition of Trucking Company’s Safety Director

Cross-Examining the “Safety Director” of a Trucking Company in Deposition

In this truck accident case, Butler Law traveled from Georgia to New York to take the deposition of the defendant company’s safety director. This company’s truck had rolled into our client while our client was standing beside his own vehicle, crushing him between the vehicles. The company’s principal defense, which we sought to dismantle, was the that the brake pedal in this rented truck was “worn,” causing the driver’s foot to slip off of it.

Postscript.  When the discovery period in this case ended, we were ready for trial.  We asked the defense lawyers to join us in asking the Court for a trial date.  The defense dragged its feet and would not join our request.  We wrote a letter to the Court anyway, explaining that the case was ready for trial and asking for a trial date.  The Court set a pre-trial hearing and put us on track for a trial in DeKalb County, Georgia.  A few days before the pre-trial hearing, we went to a mediation at the defense’s request and the insurer offered our client enough to settle the case.

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Tips for taking the deposition of a safety director or trucking company executive:

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