Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Brookhaven GA

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Brookhaven GA

Every year in Brookhaven, GA men and women ride bicycles for their primary mode of transport, as well as, for sport and activity. As the number of cars and trucks on the road increases, so too do bicycle accidents. The most recent data, provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, states that 818 people lost their lives in 2015 to a bike accident; another 45,000 were injured. For some of these injured cyclists, permanent or long term injuries were the result. Sadly, many of the accidents could have been prevented had the driver of a vehicle been more cautious. When this is applicable to a situation, a personal injury claim may be filed.

If you have been injured while riding a bike, please call a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven, GA trusts from Butler Kahn. You do have legal rights and may be able to recover damages for your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. For decades, our bike accident lawyers have been fighting for the rights of individuals and families who have been affected by a personal injury. We too are bike enthusiasts and have an in depth understanding of how the laws can affect your case. Please call us now for a consultation.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a bicycle collision, you should speak with a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA trusts. At Butler Kahn, we have handled these cases. Although cases involving bicycles have some similarities with auto accident cases, there are important differences that your lawyer should be aware of.

Auto Drivers: Open Your Eyes!

Many automobile drivers simply don’t look closely enough to notice bicycles. They may look both ways before crossing an intersection, but sometimes it’s more of a quick glance than a long, hard look. Because auto drivers tend to think about other four-wheeled vehicles more than they think about two-wheeled vehicles, sometimes drivers may turn their head to ‘look’ in the direction of the bicycle, but not notice it. That is negligent. As a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA relies upon, we have come to believe that lives would be saved and injuries would be reduced if all motorists followed the simple rule: “look twice, save a life!”

Severe Consequences

Drivers and passengers in automobiles are riding in metal cages. They are protected by doors, bumpers, and roofs. In well-designed vehicles, they are also protected by crumple zones, multiple airbags, and an effective seat belt systems. Bicyclists have none of that. Any bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA turns to knows that injuries in bicycle cases tend to be more severe than injuries in auto accidents. That is in part because the impact of the car on the bicyclists causes injuries, and also because the bicyclist is typically thrown from the bicycle and may suffer additional injuries when he or she hits the ground.

More and More Bicycles

Every year, there are more and more bicycles on the road. Bicyclists may choose to pedal for transportation instead of drive for a variety of reasons. As a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA turns to, we have seen may different reasons. Some prefer bicycling because it is fun. Others find that it is the fastest way to move through an urban area. Others want to lower their carbon footprint, and still others want to save money. Usually, it is a blend of these reasons.

Whatever the reasons, Brookhaven and Atlanta are encouraging more bicyclists, in part to cut down on smog. Every year, new bicycle lanes appear, and more local businesses are providing parking for bicycles. The number of bicycles on the road is increasing.

The Most Common Types of Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents can occur because of a broad number of reasons. Some are unavoidable and others may be considered a “freak accident”; however, a majority are a direct result of negligence. As a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven, GA has to offer we have helped people who were injured because of at least one of the following:

  • Getting Doored By a Car – In larger towns and cities, or while riding on a major road, dooring is common. When this happens, the occupant of a car opens the door onto an oncoming cyclist. This can result in the cyclist being knocked off the bike or thrown over the handlebars; thus resulting in serious harm.
  • Potholes and Cracks – Potholes can be very risky to cyclists. Often after a large rain, the potholes can become bigger; yet, they may still be difficult to see. In general, the city is responsible for repairing these potholes, unless they are on private property. If you believe the city caused your bike accident, it is prudent you can a bicycle accident lawyer in Brookhaven, GA right now.
  • Distracted Driving – As one of the most common reasons for an accident to happen, distracted driving could involve high speeds, reckless behavior, and a serious collision. Texting, using the phone, applying makeup, eating, or changing the music are all examples of actions that may lead to distraction.

If you suffered any of the following injuries, or those that may not be listed below, please consult a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven, GA families respect:

  • Head injury
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Neck injury
  • Joint or muscle injury
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Whiplash
  • Severe bruising or lacerations
  • A concussion
  • Scarring
  • Road rash
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Let a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven, GA cyclists know and trust review your case and help you to know your options. Call Butler Kahn now.

We Have Been on Both Sides

As a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA turns to, we have worked on a number of bicycle cases. Our experience allows us to better understand the cases and to win better results for our clients. We have represented bicyclists who were struck by automobiles, and we have represented pedestrians who were struck by a bicycle. We have even investigated roadway defects, such as potholes, that may have caused bicycle accidents. Because we have seen bicycle cases from multiple angles, we are able to work effectively for the bicyclists we represent. That serves our clients well.


Unfortunately, an unusually high percentage of bicycle cases involve a hit-and-run. As a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA relies upon, we think we understand why. Our experience suggests that there are two reasons. First, automobile drivers know that if they hit a bicyclist, the injuries are likely to be severe. That means that the driver may be worried about what he or she has done—and for that reason, may want to run away. Second, most automobile drivers believe that they can outrun a person on a bicycle (particularly if the bicyclist has just been hit by a car). That means that many car and truck drivers think they can escape responsibility. So, unfortunately, some automobile drivers run from the scene when they should be stopping to help the injured bicyclist. That’s a hit-and-run.

Bicycle cases are not the same as auto accident cases. For serious accidents, turn to a bicycle accident lawyer Brookhaven GA trusts. Butler Kahn is a proud business member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

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