Whose Insurance Pays For A Bicycle Accident In GA?

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bicycle on road with treesA bicycle accident in Georgia should be treated the same as a vehicle accident. The police and emergency medical personnel (if needed) should be called at once. Even if you don’t seek immediate medical attention, see your own doctor right away. This is important as your injuries could worsen after the accident. The documentation could prove critical for your compensation case at a later date as well. Get a police report and if possible, collect the names and contact information of anyone involved. This is also crucial as it can help determine fault, liability and future compensation. It is also important to try to get information from any witnesses on the scene. Their eyewitness accounts could prove invaluable down the road when the facts of a case may be unclear.

Contact A Bicycle Accident Attorney

Once you’ve dealt with the police and any medical concerns, it is a good idea to contact an attorney. Choose an experienced bicycle accident lawyer who is familiar with Georgia’s laws and regulations regarding cyclists’ rights. Your lawyer can take over and work towards getting you the care and compensation you deserve. If you haven’t already called your own insurance company, an Atlanta car accident attorney at Butler Kahn can handle that for you as well. It is a very good idea to let your legal team talk to the other party’s insurance and lawyers for you. Never discuss fault with anyone but your own lawyer no matter who is to blame for the accident.

So Whose Insurance Pays For A Bicycle Accident In Georgia?

Generally, the insurance company of the at-fault driver or party will be responsible for any bills or damages. Their bodily liability insurance policy can compensate you for any injuries you have sustained as a result of the accident. It may not be sufficient though, as the state minimum by law is only $25,000 for injuries. In many cases, this is simply not enough to cover all of the extensive medical and related bills that can build up. When this happens, your own auto insurance policy may be able to help in the form of UM/UIM coverage.

UM/UIM Coverage

Many Georgia cyclists have the coverage they may not be aware of. It is called UM/UIM or “Uninsured Motorist/Under-Insured Motorist” coverage on your automobile policy – if you have it. Georgia law doesn’t require you to carry it but it is a good idea to include it on your policy. This insurance will provide coverage if the at-fault party’s insurance policy won’t (or can’t) cover all of your expenses and injuries. It covers you when you’re not in your car or when you’re a pedestrian or cyclist.

Don’t Wait

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident in the state of Georgia, don’t wait. Georgia law limits you to a period of 2 years to file your claim. Waiting to get started will not benefit you and may, in fact, hurt your case. As time passes memories fade, witnesses may move away, and evidence can be lost. Getting started now with a caring and experienced bicycle lawyer can help you begin the healing process.

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