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What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta?

Dangerous intersections in Atlanta.

Dangerous intersections in Atlanta.Navigating an intersection requires appropriate caution from drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Even a moment of inattention or recklessness could lead to an accident. As a result, intersection accidents tend to result in severe injuries or even fatalities. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than half of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near an intersection. In the Metro Atlanta area, some intersections have become notorious for being particularly hazardous. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection in Atlanta and someone else was at fault, you could be entitled to significant compensation. When you choose Butler Kahn to help with your case, you can expect not only excellent legal representation but also a personalized approach from our team. Unlike other law firms that take as many cases as they can to quickly settle and collect a fee, Butler Kahn intentionally limits the number of cases we handle so that each client receives our full attention and our best effort. We take an honest, straightforward approach to our work. You’ll never get any fake promises from us – only real hard work and dedication. If you think we could help you after an intersection crash, our expert Atlanta automobile collision attorneys would be happy to talk to you about your situation and the options you have for pursuing a financial recovery.

Statistics on Crashes and Injuries in the Atlanta Area

In a highly populated region such as the Atlanta metro area, motor vehicle accidents are unfortunately a daily occurrence. Statistics compiled by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety demonstrate the prevalence of motor vehicle crashes in metro Atlanta:

  • In Fulton County in a single recent year, 45,994 motor vehicle accidents resulted in 656 suspected serious injuries. The county saw 144 traffic fatalities, 42 of which were alcohol-related and 30 of which were speeding-related. Motorcyclists accounted for 22 fatalities, bicyclists accounted for five fatalities, and pedestrians accounted for 34 fatalities.
  • In Dekalb County, 30,114 motor vehicle accidents led to 252 suspected serious injuries. There were 79 traffic fatalities, including 22 fatalities attributed to alcohol, and 10 attributed to speeding.
  • In Cobb County, 25,369 crashes caused 271 suspected serious injuries. The county also saw 67 traffic fatalities. Alcohol-related accidents and speeding-related accidents both caused 16 fatalities that year.
  • In Gwinnett County, 27,309 motor vehicle crashes resulted in 280 suspected serious injuries. The county had 61 motor vehicle fatalities, 18 of which were alcohol-related, and one of which was speeding-related.
  • In Clayton County, 10,087 motor vehicle crashes caused 134 suspected severe injuries. There were 51 motor vehicle fatalities, 17 of which were attributed to alcohol.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in the Atlanta Metro Area

An article by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, using crash data collected by Channel 2 Action News, identified several of the most dangerous intersections in the Atlanta metro area, including:

  • Memorial Drive and North Hairston Road, in Stone Mountain
  • East Park Place and Stone Mountain Highway, also in Stone Mountain
  • Covington Highway and Panola Road in Lithonia
  • Cobb Place Boulevard and Ernest W Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw
  • Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Norcross
  • State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek
  • Butner Road and Camp Creek Parkway in South Fulton
  • Steve Reynolds Boulevard and Venture Drive in Duluth
  • State Road 316 and Harbins Road in Dacula

Tips for Staying Safe on Atlanta Roads

You can help protect yourself when driving, biking, or walking on Atlanta’s roads by keeping these safety tips in mind:

  • Obey the speed limit. Speeding reduces the space that you have to avoid an accident and also increases the severity of a collision if one occurs.
  • Slow down when approaching intersections. You never know if a vehicle or passenger may suddenly enter the intersection, even if you have the right-of-way.
  • Avoid distractions. Avoid distractions while behind the wheel, including using a cell phone or an electronic device, fiddling with your car’s radio or infotainment system, reaching around the interior, or eating or drinking food. Even taking your eyes or attention off the road for a few seconds could mean getting into an accident, particularly at intersections.
  • Obey all traffic laws. Avoid the temptation to try to run or beat traffic lights or commit other careless errors like failing to signal before turning or changing lanes.
  • Practice defensive driving. This includes maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles (particularly from traffic ahead of you), keeping an eye on activity on the road ahead, and being ready to react at a moment’s notice to hazardous actions by other drivers. Defensive driving involves always assuming that another motorist on the road will do something unexpected or unsafe.
  • Never drive while impaired or drowsy. Never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also avoid driving while feeling fatigued, tired, or drowsy.
  • Check blind spots. Make sure to check your blind spots when backing up, turning, or changing lanes, rather than just relying on your mirrors or cameras.
  • Ride bikes and motorcycles with care. If riding a bicycle or motorcycle on the road, always wear a helmet and bright clothing or reflective materials. Always ride defensively, which includes having an escape route or a plan to avoid a collision hazard created by another motorist.
  • Walk with care. As a pedestrian, avoid walking at night whenever possible. Try to wear brightly colored clothing to help make yourself visible to motorists. Always try to cross the road at designated intersections or pedestrian crosswalks. Avoid potential distractions such as cell phones or wearing headphones while walking. Obey all traffic signals at intersections. Also, never assume that approaching drivers will slow down or stop for you.

Legal Help for People Hurt in Atlanta Intersection Crashes

If you have been injured in an intersection accident in Atlanta that was someone else’s fault, an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer from Butler Kahn can help. We will take the time to listen to your concerns so we can determine how to pursue the best possible outcome in your case and make a positive impact on your life. We won’t charge any fees unless and until we recover compensation for you. We’re here and ready to talk about your options. Call us or contact us online when you’re ready.

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