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How Do I Get The Video From A Highway Camera in Georgia?

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security camerasGeorgia has an extensive network of traffic cameras in place to monitor roadway conditions. These videos are all available to view through the internet on a computer or even through an app for smartphones. They allow people to view current traffic conditions. They allow individuals and state and local officials to properly control traffic flows.

However, you may be wondering – how do I get recordings from Georgia traffic cameras in the event of an accident or another incident?

The answer is that you cannot. If we look at the Georgia Department of Transportation’s camera website, they make it clear that they do not record any of the traffic cameras and they will not provide any accident footage.

However, in the event of a traffic accident, there are alternatives to traffic cams that you can use. With the help of an Atlanta car accident attorney, all of these alternatives can be explored.

There are plenty of alternatives that can help

During the latest reporting year in Georgia, there were approximately 400,000 vehicle crashes. Out of those, we know that 1,430 people were killed and 19,405 sustained serious injuries. These incidents often cause victims to incur major medical expenses. In the aftermath of a vehicle crash, it is important for victims to gather as much evidence as possible in order to secure the compensation they deserve.

Technology has changed rapidly over the last decade and many more people have surveillance footage that continually records. Today, we want to discuss some good alternatives to traffic cameras.

  • Private business surveillance videos – most businesses have some kind of surveillance system outside of their premises and they usually keep this footage stored for a certain amount of time. For vehicle crashes that happen near a business establishment (gas stations, hotels, grocery stores, banks, etc.), you may find that the incident was captured on their camera systems.
  • Dash cameras – we are finding that many motorists have their own dash cams. They use these for many purposes and they often capture vehicle crashes. If a person pulls over in the aftermath of a vehicle crash and tells you they got the incident on film, ask them to send you a digital copy. In many cases, this footage can be emailed to you in just a few moments.
  • Cameras from private residences – you may be able to secure footage of the incident from a person’s personal home surveillance system if a crash happens in a residential area. In most cases, these cameras save the footage for a certain amount of time, similar to business surveillance.
  • 911 or non-emergency call logs – though 911 calls and non-emergency calls to dispatchers are not video evidence, they can support a vehicle crash narrative and timeline. There are often many calls that come in at one time related to an incident and you may find that there are witnesses who will be valuable in a personal injury case.

What you can do now

Car accident cases can become confusing, especially when there are injuries involved and insurance companies are calling. Even though you cannot obtain footage from the Georgia DOT traffic cameras, please know that you have options. An Atlanta car accident attorney understands the importance of gaining credible evidence of another person’s negligence in the aftermath of a crash. It is important o act quickly in the aftermath of a crash. The available evidence will disappear with each passing day. The footage may get deleted and people’s memories of the incident begin to fade. Your attorney will work to secure all available evidence so you can secure the compensation you deserve.

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