The Butler Law Firm is Hiring a Lawyer

Thank you for your interest!  The Butler Law Firm is seeking an experienced lawyer to handle medium- to smaller-sized personal injury cases arising from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, falls, and sexual assaults.  This lawyer will be compensated primarily on a percentage basis, and will also receive a salary or draw.

If you’re a match, we’d love to hear from you.  Please apply as directed below.

Who We Are

We are an Atlanta-based law firm that represents people across Georgia.  Our firm handles personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of injured people and their loved ones.  We take only a small number of cases so that we can provide excellent legal work and excellent client service on the cases that we do take.  Our firm is not a “quick settlement” firm—we take cases and build them for trial.  If you look at the Google reviews we’ve earned in our firm’s five years of existence, you can see what we’re building.

We take great pride in producing top-quality legal work, and we want to hire someone who shares that view.  The applicant we hire must work with a sense of urgency and show attention to detail.  A strong work ethic is required, as is a shared commitment to our Mission Statement.

We are a small office, so keeping a happy working environment is important.  Any candidate that we hire (for this or any other position) must be a positive person and pleasant to be around.  We treat people with respect.  Any lawyer who joins our firm should treat our staff, clients, potential clients, and witnesses with respect and courtesy.

We believe in what we do.  We believe in helping people.  We believe that practicing law can and should be a noble calling. Our first task in any jury trial is to demonstrate for the jury that we are not the quick-buck lawyers they’ve seen on TV.  We believe in hard work, professional ethics, and honesty.

Job Description

The lawyer we hire will have primary responsibility for a number of medium- to small-sized personal injury cases. The lawyer will work mostly independently. The lawyer will of course be able to consult with the other lawyers in our office and will have some oversight, but will have little day-to-day supervision.

The lawyer’s primary duties will be (1) handling the cases for which he or she is primarily responsible, and (2) creating happy clients who will speak well of the firm. We and our clients expect that cases handled by our firm will move forward expeditiously and effectively. Duties will also include some generalized work for the firm, such as assisting with the firm’s marketing and creating or improving internal workflows. Duties may also include collaborating with other members of the firm on larger cases, if this lawyer and others in the firm decide to do that.

We believe that once our new lawyer’s caseload has built up, the number of cases coming into the firm will be adequate to keep him or her busy. Serious candidates for this position will have the opportunity to review our firm’s records of the personal injury cases that came in to the firm over the last three months, and can evaluate the flow of potential cases when deciding whether to join us.

This lawyer will have a significant role in the firm’s intake process. Potential new clients will first speak with our firm’s receptionist, and will then be transferred to this lawyer. This lawyer will then decide, in accordance with the firm’s guidelines, whether to accept, decline, or refer the case. This lawyer will have the right to accept cases for representation, and the right to decline to work on any case that he or she does not want to work on.

This lawyer will be based out of our Atlanta office at 10 Lenox Pointe, Atlanta GA, 30324. A virtual tour of our office is available online, and this downstairs corner office is the one that will be occupied by the lawyer we hire. It was formerly (and at the time these photographs were taken) occupied by Attorney Bethany Schneider of Schneider Law, P.C. You can also get an overview of our first and second floors by going to this link and clicking the “floor selector” icon in the bottom left. The lawyer we hire will be expected to come to work in the office, and will telecommute or work remotely only as circumstances require.

Serious candidates for this position will be invited to review the employment contract, which sets forth the lawyer’s rights and duties in greater detail.


The lawyer who fills this position will be compensated primarily on a percentage basis from the cases handled by the lawyer. The firm understands that during the first year, this lawyer will not have yet built up a full caseload, so a salary will be provided for the first year. In the years that follow, the lawyer will receive a reduced salary or a ‘draw’ in addition to the percentage-based compensation.

In addition to the percentage payments and salary or draw, the firm will provide the following:

  1. health insurance policy (or stipend)
  2. life insurance policy
  3. disability insurance policy
  4. computer and furniture
  5. office space
  6. bar and CLE dues
  7. Westlaw subscription
  8. Microsoft Office subscription
  9. website profile page
  10. email account
  11. phone
  12. GTLA membership dues
  13. office supplies

Serious candidates for this position will be invited to review the employment contract, which sets forth the lawyer’s compensation in greater detail.

Who We’re Looking For

We want to hire the best candidate we can find.  That is most important.

Subject to that, here are our guidelines:

  1. Three or more years’ experience handling personal injury cases, including cases arising from motor vehicle collisions.
  2. High personal standards for quality of legal work.
  3. Disciplined.
  4. Able to work with minimal supervision.
  5. Strong people and telephone skills.
  6. Pleasant to be around.

How to Apply

Send an email to containing the following:

  1. Coverletter.
  2. Resume.
  3. Recommendation letters or references.
  4. Writing sample.

Thank you!  We look forward to reviewing your materials.