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Our suicide wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta at Butler Kahn knows that when you have lost a loved one to suicide, recovering from this heartbreak may be a long journey. While suicide is often preceded by years of pain and fighting with a mental disorder, you may be questioning if there was something that could have been done. In some cases, our Atlanta suicide lawyer knows that it may not have been an event or someone else’s actions that caused this.

However, if you believe that your loved one’s suicide was actually a wrongful death and that someone else was acting in a way that was reckless or negligent that caused your loved one to take their life, you may have a suicide wrongful death lawsuit. Call our trusted Atlanta suicide wrongful death lawyer if you would like to learn more about this lawsuit.

My loved one’s death was ruled a suicide. How can someone else cause it?

We understand that this kind of death in particular can be tough for family members to come to grips with. Although someone else may not have been there when the death occurred, it is still possible that someone else’s action caused your loved one to go over the tipping point and take their own life. If you believe this is the case, you should speak with our wrongful death suicide attorney in Atlanta immediately.

  • Bullying. If your loved one was the victim of bullying, they may have felt like they had no other option for safety or happiness in their lives. While some people believe that being bullied is just a part of being a kid, the truth is that it isn’t. No child or adult should be bullied. Especially if it was a child who committed suicide after being bullied, it is possible to bring forth a lawsuit against adults who knew the bullying was happening and did nothing.
  • Medical Malpractice. When a mental or medical health professional fails you, it can be devastating. Mental health professionals have the responsibility to assess a person’s mental health and determine if they will be a harm to themselves or others. If they fail to do this and a person commits suicide, they could be held responsible.

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If you have a loved one who committed suicide and you believe that someone else was responsible for this tragedy, please call the reliable suicide wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta from Butler Kahn personal injury attorneys now.