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Experiencing an injury at an apartment complex in Georgia can be a serious and life-altering event, and it’s even more disturbing when the incident stems from the apartment’s failed security measures. Victims of injuries at apartment complexes have rights, which include the ability to bring a lawsuit or insurance claim for compensation. An apartment security lawyer can guide you through the legal process, ensuring you receive maximum compensation and justice. Below, Butler explains what negligent security entails as it relates to your injuries. We’ll also go over legal options for victims, possible damages (compensation), and the vital role of a negligent apartment security lawyer.



Causes of Injuries Stemming From Negligent Apartment Security

  • Negligent security means the apartment managers or owners failed to provide reasonable safety measures. This can include a lack of proper lighting. If stairwells, hallways, or parking areas are not well-lit, it can lead to accidents or provide opportunities for criminal activities.
  • Another cause is faulty or insufficient security hardware, like broken locks or non-functional access gates, or not having security personnel, making it easy for criminals to gain entry into areas that they shouldn’t be.
  • Major types of injuries include physical assault injuries, which might happen if someone enters the apartment property due to inadequate security and attacks a resident. Then, there are injuries from theft or burglary, where someone breaks into your apartment or steals from you because the security was not strong enough to deter them.
  • Poorly maintained premises, such as broken handrails or uneven walkways, can also lead to accidents. For example, a slip and fall can be a result of negligent security if poor lighting in a stairwell led to the fall.
  • Lastly, there are emotional and psychological injuries, which might occur if you’re living in constant fear of crime due to visible lack of security in your apartment area. The apartment complex’s failure to respond to reports of crime or hazards in the area can also contribute to these concerns, as it shows a disregard for resident safety.

Likely Locations for Negligent Apartment Security Injuries in Atlanta, Georgia

Parking lots and garages are common spots, especially if they’re poorly lit or lack surveillance. Stairwells and hallways inside the apartment buildings can also be risky if they’re not well-maintained or poorly lit. Entryways and exits of the apartments, including lobbies, can be locations for these injuries if they lack secure locks or have broken access controls. Outdoor common areas like pools, gyms, or courtyards might also be spots where those injuries occur, especially if they’re not adequately supervised or maintained. Lastly, areas surrounding the apartment, like sidewalks or alleys, can be risky if the apartment owners neglect their duty to ensure these areas are safe.

Who Could be Liable?

If you’re injured due to negligent apartment security in Georgia, several parties might be liable. The apartment owner is often responsible, as they have a duty to ensure the property is safe for residents. This includes adequate lighting, secure locks, and proper maintenance. The property management company can also be held liable if they are responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the property, and they fail in providing a safe environment. In some cases, security companies hired by the apartment might be liable if their failure to provide adequate security services leads to your injury. Contractors or maintenance staff might also be held responsible if their negligence in maintaining the property contributed to the injury.

Cases Involving Tenants Against Landlords

In Georgia, landlords have a legal responsibility to maintain safe premises, including providing adequate security measures. Liability for injuries due to negligent security hinges on several factors. First, there must be a duty of care, where landlords are expected to foresee and mitigate potential security risks. If similar criminal incidents have occurred previously, this increases the foreseeability of harm, establishing a duty to implement reasonable security measures, such as proper lighting, secure locks, or surveillance. A breach of this duty occurs when a landlord fails to take these reasonable steps, leading to an incident. The injury must be directly caused by this negligence, resulting in physical, emotional, or financial harm to the tenant.

Bringing a Lawsuit or Insurance Claim

In Georgia, if you’re injured due to negligent apartment security, you have the option to bring a lawsuit or file an insurance claim. When bringing a lawsuit, you’ll need to prove that the injury occurred due to the negligence of the apartment owner or manager. This involves showing that they failed to provide reasonable security measures and that this failure directly led to your injury. Typically, individuals file an insurance claim before filing a lawsuit, typically with the apartment owner’s or manager’s insurance company, for compensation. It’s important to gather evidence like medical records, witness statements, and photographs of the scene to support your claim.

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Types of Damages in a Negligent Apartment Security Case

If you’re hurt because your apartment didn’t have good security, there are different kinds of damages you might be able to get money for. Medical expenses are a big one. This covers bills for your treatment now and any medical care you might need in the future because of your injury. Lost wages are another type, which means money you didn’t earn because you were too hurt to work. If your injury is really bad and affects your ability to work in the future, you can also get money for lost earning capacity. Pain and suffering is another kind of damage. This is for the physical pain and emotional distress you’ve been through.

How a Negligent Security Lawyer Can Help

An apartment security lawyer knows the laws and how to prove that the apartment owner or manager didn’t do their job to keep you safe. They can gather evidence, like security camera footage or records of past crimes in the area, to show that the security was bad. Your lawyer will also handle all the paperwork and negotiations with the other side or their insurance company. They’ll make sure to fight for all the money you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They’ll also make sure everything is done on time because there are specific deadlines for when you can bring a lawsuit.

Immediate Actions After an Injury

If you’re hurt at your apartment because of bad security, there are important steps you should take right away. First, get medical help. Even if you don’t think you’re badly hurt, it’s important to be checked out by a doctor. Then, report the incident to the apartment management or security. Make sure to get a copy of the report for your records. If there are people who saw what happened, get their names and contact information. They could help your case later. Take pictures of where the injury happened, especially if it shows things like broken locks or poor lighting. Write down everything you remember about the incident as soon as you can. This will help you remember details later. Keep all the documents related to your injury, like medical bills and reports, in one place. Lastly, talk to a lawyer who knows about negligent apartment security cases, as they can give you guidance and direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue my landlord for injuries due to poor security?

 Yes, if you can prove that the landlord didn’t provide reasonable security and this led to your injury.

 In Georgia, you generally have two years from the injury date to file a lawsuit.

It’s a good idea to have a lawyer because they know the laws and can fight for your rights.

The apartment owner, management company, and sometimes security companies can be held responsible.

You can bring a civil action against them for damages.

You can still sue for negligent security, even if the person who hurt you isn’t found.

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