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An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA knows that, if you are a biker, or are considering purchasing a motorcycle, you may have concerns about your safety while riding. Prevention is an excellent approach, though the danger of negligent drivers remains. If you or your significant other was injured in an accident that someone else caused, contact our motorcycle accident lawyer serving Atlanta, GA immediately. At Butler Law, Personal Injury Attorneys, we can protect your best interests and pursue compensation on your behalf from those responsible.

The unfortunate fact is that Georgia bikers are more at risk of injury or death than passenger vehicle occupants when an accident occurs. The following information may help you to ride more defensively and in this way protect yourself from dangerous drivers. If you do get involved in an accident because of another driver, do not hesitate to contact our motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

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Head-on Collisions Between Motorcycles and Other Vehicles

Approximately 56% of motorcycle accident fatalities occur when a biker is struck by a passenger vehicle. In 78% of those accidents, the car hits the motorcycle head on (the front of the bike). A head on collision with a car is very often fatal for the biker. If you lost a loved one in this way, contact our motorcycle accident lawyer for Atlanta, GA to learn how you may be able to get justice on behalf of your deceased family member.

Passenger Vehicles That Make Left-Hand Turns into a Motorcycle

About 42% of motorcycle accidents occurred because cars made left-hand turns and collided with the biker. Whether the motorcycle was passing through an intersection, or the biker was passing the car but was in the driver’s “blind spot”, it can be deadly for the motorcyclist. Many bikers will ride their motorcycle with the assumption that other drivers cannot see them, regardless of where the bike is located in relation to them. As our Atlanta, GA motorcycle accident lawyer might tell you, even if you were in the driver’s blind spot, it is still the drivers responsibility to avoid colliding with you. They can be held negligent for not checking their blind spot prior to turning.

Distracted Drivers on Georgia Roads

Many people are aware of the dangers of driving while texting or speaking on one’s cell phone. However, even those who recognize it is negligent to perform these actions while behind the wheel, they may do so anyway. Studies show that younger and more inexperienced drivers are more likely to text and drive than mature drivers. This exacerbates the potential for inexperienced drivers to cause accidents. If these facts were not scary enough, our motorcycle accident lawyer, that Atlanta, GA victims trust, understands very well how the smaller profile of a motorcycle can make it more difficult for drivers who are not paying attention to see them. If you see a distracted driver in your proximity, make every effort to avoid them.

Drivers Under the Influence of Narcotics or Alcohol

When a driver is under the influence, it can affect their ability to see motorcyclists riding near them. It can make it difficult or impossible to stay in their lane and not drift into the path of a biker. As with distracted drivers, if you have reason to suspect a driver may be under the influence, make every effort to avoid them.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident because of a negligent driver, contact us at Butler Kahn Personal Injury Attorneys immediately. We will provide you with a no-cost consultation with our motorcycle accident lawyer serving Atlanta, Georgia to learn more about seeking compensation for your damages.