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Personal Details
If more than one option applies to your case, choose the option that fits best.
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Tell us about what happened
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Were you a driver or a passenger?
Did the police come to the scene of the collision?
In some cases, a driver's actions can be so bad that he or she could be held responsible for punitive damages. Please check any of the boxes below that apply to what the at-fault driver did. If none of these apply or if you don't know, leave them blank.
Did the airbags in your vehicle go off?
Was Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare service involved?
Tell us about the consequences
If you are filling out this Application because someone you care about was killed, select "yes" below and skip the rest of this page.
Have you had surgery?
Is future surgery likely?
Did you lose consciousness during or after the collision?
Was anyone else hurt?
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Finishing Up
We hope we can take your case! But IF our firm isn't a good fit for your case, we can usually find another good lawyer who can help. If it turns out that we can't take your case, should we do that for you?
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