Wrongful Death Lawyer In Atlanta, GA

Wrongful Death Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Wrongful Death Lawyer Atlanta, GAIf you have lost a loved one to another person’s negligence, a wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta, GA at Butler Law offer our heartfelt condolences. We would also like to encourage you to explore your legal rights and options with us during a complimentary consultation.

Wrongful Death in Atlanta, GA

Every state has developed its own laws and rules pertaining to a wrongful death claim or lawsuit and the filing process. In general, a wrongful death is defined as being any death that is the result of a wrongful act, neglect, or default of another party.

When someone has lost their life because of at least one of the aforementioned, they can file a wrongful death claim as long as the deceased person could have filed a personal injury claim had they not died. These claims can be tedious and may require precision and skill from a wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta, GA who has a profound understanding of the [state] laws.

Time Limits to File a Claim – Georgia has set a statute of limitations to file a wrongful death claim. This is generally 2 years from the date of death, but could vary depending on the circumstances of the case. You should talk with a wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta, GA for the exact time limits that pertain to your situation.

Who Can File – Depending on where you are filing, a legal representative of the deceased’s estate may need to file the claim. If a legal representative does not exist, the court will assign one.  In other states one immediate family member may take legal action. This family member should be a spouse, partner, parent, or child of the deceased.

Damages – Usually the claimants will be able to recover pain and suffering caused to the deceased. Whether or not the claimant will be able to seek damages for their own pain and suffering will depend on the state. Reimbursement for any medical costs, funeral and burial costs, and other losses might also be obtainable.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgia Who Handles Wrongful Death Claims

The wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta, GA at Butler Law have represented hundreds of wrongful death cases and recovered settlements totalling to millions of dollars. We empathize with your situation and will do our best to make this process as comfortable as possible. By retaining our legal services, you can feel peace of mind in knowing we:

    • – Have years of experience in fighting these cases
    • – Won’t settle for less the maximum damages
    • – Are equipped with the financial resources to investigate your case
    • – Are smart, clever, and strategic
  • – Would like to help you get justice

In pursuing a claim for a wrongful death, you may recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, benefits, loss of guidance and comfort, loss of household services, and more. We know that financial recovery is not likely the primary reason you are filing a claim. It may also be possible to receive closure and peace of mind after being involved in such a tragic situation.

Get the Compensation and Closure You May Be Looking For

We at Butler Law would like to help you and your family negotiation a claim that is fair and just. We can take over communications with the insurance company, settle complex matters, and enable you to focus on you and your family’s well being. For an immediate consultation with a wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta, GA who understands wrongful death cases, call Butler Law.