Why You May Not Be So Safe When Shopping

You’re walking through the mall, or buying a drink at a gas station, or spending the night at a hotel—are you safe?  The overwhelming majority of folks assume the answer is yes, because everything seems to be safe.  The truth is the business may not be as safe as you think.

Negligent security or inadequate security cases are the result of a business (like a mall, shopping center, gas station, hotel, motel, restaurant, bar, club, apartment complex, or many of the other places you regularly go to) failing to provide reasonable security measures when necessary. As a customer, you probably have little to no personal knowledge about whether the business is safe. Instead, the owner of the business should know about crime and dangerous activity occurring on the property. And, if there is crime or dangerous activity the business should either 1) warn you (so that you know as much as the owner, and can decide whether to leave or stay) or 2) take reasonable security measures in order to protect you the customer.

Just recently, in Atlanta, Georgia, a number of people have been injured at local businesses. In one story, a man was shot and injured at a gas station, and in another, a person was killed at an apartment complex. Now, it is unknown whether these business had prior crime or dangerous activity that would require the business to have warnings or take security action—but all too often, that is the case.

Many folks do not know that an injury at another’s property, even a injury that resulted from a criminal act—like a shooting, rape, assault, or battery—can be the result of a business owner’s negligence. The attorneys at Butler Law Firm know negligent security law and are able to investigate and analyze these cases, so that you will know if you have a case.