What Happens When the Other Driver in Your Car Accident Does Not Have Insurance?


A Brief Look at What Can Happen When Your Car Accident Involves an Uninsured Driver in Georgia

Unfortunately, car accidents are a part of life.

Often, car accidents happen so quickly it’s impossible to wrap your mind around what’s happening in the moment. The after-effects of a car accident are no different, especially if the other person in the car accident is an uninsured driver.

If you’ve been in a car accident in Georgia, you know that despite the experience being unpleasant, damaging, and costly, having car insurance coverage can be a shining light. This insurance—or the other driver’s insurance—should kick in to cover medical treatment, damage, and more.

But what happens to you when the other driver doesn’t have insurance? Or worse, what happens in a hit-and-run situation when you’re unable to identify the other driver at all?

Turn to Your Insurance Coverage for Assistance

Unfortunately, you will most likely need to turn to your own insurance for help to cover the cost of the damages, medical bills, and more. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist car insurance coverage and the accident is determined to be that driver’s fault, this coverage may kick in to help you.

Typically, filing a claim with your insurance company against that driver when you have no medical bills, very little damage, and minimal losses is the best route.

In this situation, your insurance will likely assist with the minimal costs and damages that were a result of your minor car accident in Georgia.

File an Uninsured Driver Claim Through a Reputable Attorney

In other situations, it’s vital to take legal action with a reputable, experienced Georgia attorney.

If your vehicle has significant damage, your medical bills are high, and you’re dealing with pain, suffering, or other losses stemming from the crash, it can be necessary to file a lawsuit against the uninsured driver to guarantee they’ll in some way, shape, or form be responsible to pay for the damages.

Your ability to file a lawsuit will vary depending on where you live. If you live in a no-fault car insurance state, filing a lawsuit isn’t always an option unless you have suffered serious injuries or have incurred medical bills over a certain, set amount.

Luckily, Georgia is not a no-fault car insurance state, which means that when you work with a reputable, hardworking, experienced attorney who is prepared to build your case, your odds are typically much higher that you will win your case.

Unfortunately, most people who drive without insurance or are underinsured won’t have significant assets or income—even if you’re successful in proving that the other, uninsured or underinsured driver was at fault for the accident. And oftentimes, that means trying to collect from that uninsured driver can be a losing battle. But, when you work with an experienced attorney who has the knowledge to guide you through the process while taking your case and building it for trial, you have a much better chance of collecting what’s owed.

Contact an Experienced Georgia Attorney Near You

If you’ve been in an accident—whether the other driver has insurance or not—it’s vital that you seek help from a car accident attorney in Georgia who’s not only experienced at working with cases involving uninsured people, but also who believes in ethics, honesty, and producing top-quality legal work.