What Happens If The Other Driver Is Uninsured?

Being hit by another driver can be a shocking experience, even terrifying. After the dust settles and you have an opportunity to see the damage and check to see if the driver who hit you is okay, the last thing you want to hear them say is that they don’t have insurance.

Almost every state requires drivers to have at minimum a liability insurance policy to drive on public roads. This requirement theoretically protects victims of accidents caused by the reckless or negligent driving of someone else from having to shoulder the financial burden of the damage and injuries resulting from the accident. We do not live in a perfect world however, and obviously not every driver will follow this law. When these negligent drivers without insurance get into accidents, the victim will be left to deal with the aftermath from their own insurance provider.

Though being caught driving without insurance can come with hefty punishments, this still will not fix your car or pay for your medical bills. Even if the driver at fault did have liability insurance, the policy may not fully cover the damage inflicted if the accident caused major injuries or involved multiple cars, forcing the victims to pay the difference. This is why it is so important to purchase under insured and uninsured motorist coverage, often referred to as UM coverage, from your insurance company.

Insurance companies are required to offer under insured coverage with any insurance policy in most states, and this coverage could save you thousands of dollars in damages in an accident that is no fault of your own. The cost of adding this insurance to your policy is usually minor, often only a few dollars a month. When considering the protections that it gives to both the insured and their passengers, it is foolish not to add this coverage to your insurance policy.

After an accident, it is often a good idea to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney to make sure that you fully understand your rights, and it is always a good idea to speak with an attorney before accepting any settlement from an insurance company. The kind of insurance lawyer Decatur GA residents deserve may be able to help in this type of legal matter. As the aftermath of any accident can be frustrating and confusing, especially when involving a driver without insurance, allow an attorney you can trust to handle the legal details. That way you can focus on healing, and you can remove part of the burden.

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