Villa Rica Train Crash: Train Slams Into Tractor-Trailer


Unsafe Truck Driver Causes Train Crash

It was a normal Thursday at the intersection of Highway 78 and S. Carrol Road in Villa Rica, Georgia.

In front of the Villa Rica Police Department, cars sped over a train track at the intersection. Lights changed to green, then to red, then to green again. All seemed routine and all was functioning as normal.

Then, around 4 PM on September 24, 2020, something changed.

At the intersection at the train tracks, the crossing guards began to come down slowly, signaling the certain arrival of an oncoming train. Most cars stopped behind the lines, waiting for the train to pass as the crossing guards slowly came down. One tractor-trailer, however, kept on moving and pushing its way forward.

As the crossing guards continued to slowly make their way down, the tractor-trailer attempted to make its way across the track before the train came. Suddenly, though, it paused as its back wheels halted on the tracks.

The tractor-trailer, in its attempt to pull forward to beat out the passing train, was stuck on the tracks.

Sandwiched between the crossing guards with wheels stuck on the track, the tractor-trailer couldn’t get out.

A nearby police officer saw the incident occur and—quickly—turned his lights on to keep traffic away and deescalate the situation.

Then, suddenly, it happened.

The oncoming train, unable to brake, pushed against the tractor-trailer, slicing through it in an instant, spilling the contents of the truck (an entire load of raw meat)  all over the roadway, the tracks, and the surrounding area. The accident left in its wake a mile of debris, piles of raw meat, and a busy, busy night for the emergency crews and utility crews who led the charge to clean everything up.

Luckily, there were no injuries or fatalities. The driver of the truck was safe, no one in the surrounding area was affected, and the police officer was OK, as well.

The wildest part of all of this? The entire incident—from start to finish—was caught on camera by the Villa Rica Police Department. In the video, the train can be seen striking the tractor-trailer stuck on the tracks, demolishing the trailer, and spewing raw meat, debris, and more all over the tracks, the road, and the surrounding area.

Left behind was a mangled trailer, a truck cab, and nearly a mile of scattered debris, raw meat, and destruction. Emergency crews and utility teams (including the Villa Rica utility crew, Norfolk Southern Railway crews, and TCR Wrecker Service) were deployed to clean up the area, and after a quick (but grueling) 2-hour period, the massive amounts of debris and raw meat were cleaned up.

The only casualty of the entire occurrence? The crossing guards. Unfortunately, the railings didn’t make it through the crash and will need to be replaced.

Police said that because 6-wheel truck traffic is restricted in the area where this occurred—and because there is ample signage solidifying that restriction—chargers are pending.

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