Trucking Accident: $702,000 Settlement

When another lawyer first referred this case to Butler Law Firm, the insurance company was denying that the truck driver was the sole cause of the accident, the trucking company was denying that it was responsible for its own driver, and the defense lawyers were claiming that our client’s injuries didn’t come from the accident.

Butler Law Firm got to work. We fought the trucking company to get the evidence it was withholding. We subpoenaed electronic evidence from the third-party truck owner. We flew out of state to cross-examine the trucking company’s “Safety Director.” We locked in testimony from our client’s doctors, who confirmed that the truck accident is what caused our client’s injuries.

We prepared the case for trial while the trucking company, insurance company, and truck driver dragged their feet. We pressed the Court for a trial date—and when we got one, the defense asked for a mediation, which we knew the Court would order us to attend. So we mediated. After hours of negotiation, the defendants made an offer that our client was happy to accept.

There is nothing more professionally satisfying than a happy client.