Truck Collision Lawyer Atlanta, GA 

Truck Collision Lawyer Atlanta, GA  Truck Collision Lawyer Atlanta, GA 

Our truck collision lawyer Atlanta, GA relies on from the Butler Law Firm knows that when you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you will be looking for compensation for the injuries you sustained, possible property damage, and even the mental and emotional recovery you will go through. Although you may feel fortunate to be walking away from a truck collision alive, our truck accident lawyer Atlanta, GA  relies on knows that the road ahead may not be an easy one and recovery is not always quick. If you have been in a truck accident and believe that the other driver was negligent and responsible for your injuries, please give the trusted Atlanta, Georgia truck collision lawyer from our firm a call.

How do truck accidents happen?

A truck driver must go through rigorous training and is held to high standards before they get behind the wheel of a truck. Not only must they be aware of road safety procedures, but they are also responsible for keeping their cargo safe. A truck accident is incredibly dangerous because it weighs more than the typical car and it is significantly larger. Some common reasons trucking accidents occur are

-Maintenance. Our Atlanta truck collision lawyer knows that there is a reason vehicles must be maintained and trucks are no exception. A commercial truck driver may drive their vehicle thousands of miles every single day which means if the vehicle is not maintained properly, a brake pad that is too worn out or a bare tire could cause a bad accident.

-Driver Negligence. Truck drivers can make mistakes and our truck collisions lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia has seen many truck drivers who were under the influence of alcohol, distracted, or simply driving recklessly who injured others on the road. 

-Truck Cargo. Especially if you are not familiar with industry rules, you may not know that the truck’s cargo must be loaded a specific way, depending on the weight, size, and even height of the items being loaded. This is so the items can be properly secured in the cargo bed. If they are not loaded correctly, items can fall out of the truck and hit cars on the road or fall into the road where cars can run into them. This is extremely dangerous. 

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If you or a loved one have been injured after being in a truck accident, call the truck collision lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia from the Butler Law Firm today!